Saturday, January 19, 2008


A - Act your age - 33
B - Boyfriends, serious, you had before DH – I've blocked that out
C - Chore you hate - yes
D - Dad's name - Dad
E - Essential make up item - lipstick
F - Favorite singer - Amy Winehouse right now
G - Gold or silver - silver
H - Hometown - Lansing, MI
I - Instruments you play - French horn and flute when I was younger
J - Job title - English teacher
K - Kisses, what kind do you prefer? Yes
L - Living Arrangements - Townhouse
M - Meats, what's your favorite? Beeeeeve!
N - Number of children you have - zero, unless you count the dog
O - Overnight hospital stays - appendix
P - Packing habits (for moving/vacation)? Boxes for moving and Eagle Creek for Anal-Retentive Travelers
Q - Quote you like - too squirrely to pick just one
R - Religious affiliation - Catholic
S - Siblings - 3
T - Time you wake up - As late as possible
U - Underwear of choice - Sisqo had a song about it. Although I like almost all kinds. As long as they're pretty.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - okra
W - Worst habit - There are too many to choose just one
X - X-rays you've had - chest x-ray for teaching job, arm and shoulder after a 32" TV monitor fell on me
Y - Yummy food you make - chocolate chip brownies
Z - Zodiac Sign - Cancer-- I'm crabby!


Shoeaddict said...

A- Age- Newly 27
B- Boyfriends- Matthew Percy (7th & 8th grades), Brian Ricker (10th), Satan (10th-12th)
C- Chore- dishes
D- Dad's name- Harry
E- Essential Make up Item- Lip gloss/stick
F- Favorite Singer- Depends on my mood, I love Stevie Nicks. Amy Whinehouse is up there. Alison Kraus.
G- Gold
H-hometown- Prairieville,LA
I-Instruments- none
J-job title- writer, wife, former nanny/hair stylist's assistant
K-Kisses- yes, no one I don't allow. Children!
L- living arrangements- renting
M-Meats- hamburger occasionaly, never steak, chicken, pork rarely
N-number of children-zero now, hope to have maybe 3, that's the number as of now. It maygo up, it may go down.
O-Overnight hospital stays- A LOT. Weeks at a time starting in 10th grade.
P-paking habits- terrible. REALLY terrible. Panic attack
Q-Quote you like- Coco Chanel's
R-Religious Affiliation- none. I am Christian.
S- Siblings- 1
T-time you wake up- whenever
U-underwear of choice- VS cotton
V-veggie you refuse to eat- beets
W-worst habit- swearing like a sailor, picking my cuticles, not exercising
X-Xrays- not counting countless MRIs, ummm, knee cap, tons of chest, tons of CAT scans,
Y-yummy food I make- my red beans and rice with sausage, spaghetti, chilli, oreo truffles
Z-zodiac sign- Capricorn- but I'm nothing like a Capricorn

Shoeaddict said...


"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!"

Coco Chanel

That's just one of many.

Another favorite quote: You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.