Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Grown Up Pop Rocks!

I enjoy Godiva chocolates, although I will admit that I don't think they're THE BEST CHOCOLATES IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. I got spoiled by traveling in Europe as a teenager (I don't care for Swiss chocolate-- too milky and sweet). And then when I worked at the Crane store, the Godiva people used to bring us chocolates for various events. Once you've eaten fifteen truffles in one day, they sort of lose their specialness a little. Yes, I once (or twice) ate something like $50 worth of chocolate in one day.

Anyway, I usually stop in their store after Christmas to see what seasonal items they have one sale. I had seen their ads for their Pop chocolates and I wanted to try them, but couldn't really justify the cost. Well, today, I found a small box for a small price and brought them home. They're these yummy fruity chocolates and then they start to pop in your mouth a la Pop Rocks. I'm serious. So much fun! Seems a little trendy and lowbrow for Godiva, but what do I know.


Grant-Will-Rant said...

I want those!!

Kate said...

There should be more reasonable assortments at your local Godiva store or wherever they're sold. They also were selling them by the piece from the counter.