Sunday, December 11, 2005

I can't sleep

I hate my body sometimes. I'm sure it's all because of the stress in my life and my brain candy. That and missing my Pilates class on Thursday.

I did stop trying to lie in the dark and not wake Ryan up. He's volunteering for some race tomorrow morning and I heard him making plans to meet people before 5am tomorrow/today. Ugh. There's another reason you won't catch me running any time soon. I get to luxuriate in bed until 7ish tomorrow. Too bad I can't sleep NOW!

I did clean the front room. Granted, a bunch of the crap got shifted from there to the den, but I actually sit here and it annoys me and I actually clean it (eventually) when it's in my face. I did also clean the storage closet and get some things out that we've been meaning to donate.

Now I'm reading the British Vogue that I got in Italy. I think when I'm done I'll pitch it in the recycling bin. I am one of the worst packrats in the history of hoarding. I bought a sweet backet for magazines and such since they are the worst about piling up. Especially my New Yorkers. And Ryan's Dwells. My brother calls it house porn and he's so right.

I am watching Property Ladder on TLC and true to form it is a train wreck. Where do they find these idiots? I'm not talking about mistakes made out of inexperience. I'm talking about ignoring advice and not getting permits you know you need and such craziness.

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Grant-Will-Rant said...

I'm a vacation packrat too. But I'm proud to say I finally tossed my collection of Hard Rock Cafe match books.