Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Running list of funny things students have said to me...

"Miss, are you a cancer? My mother is a cancer and she's very controlling, too." I am a cancer, but I don't think requiring students to sit while taking a test makes me controlling for pete's sake!
"I had an emergency. I couldn't find my lip gloss." At least she was honest about why she was tardy. And I didn't even ask her-- she just volunteered that!
"Oh, we're doing work today?" As opposed to what other day when we don't?
"Will you go to the homecoming dance with me?" No, and you're still not going to get an A in my class unless you work!
"Miss, I can't sit down-- I'm too tired!"
"It will make me hungry if I sit down!"
"Miss, that's HATERISM!"
"Is this for a grade?" Question asked during the final exam.
"Are you a dominant or a submissive?" Cheeky question for the first day of school, little miss, although if you were looking to shock me, think again.
"Miss! You're so fat! Are you pregnant?" This was shouted out in the middle of class and I'd just gained weight...

One of my friends gave me this one from a kid who was actually making a joke:
"Miss, if scope is a mouthwash, is a microscope what they call the travel size bottles?"

Another teacher mentioned this today:
One student to another: "She wasn't in Colorado, stupid. She was in Denver!"

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dmd said...

For your list...

Miss! I thought all we had to do to pass is show up for class!

Miss, do you BELIEVE IN dinosaurs? (asked by one of the GIFTED kids...UGH!)

duff said...

when i taught our school's kindergarten after school program, one of my favorites said, "what are those red spots on your face?"

ah, yes.....my skin still thinks i'm a teenager. (quite frankly, i'll put up with it to look younger than i am)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Similar to one of yours:
"Are we gonna DO anything today?" No, we're all going to sit in the dark and be vewy quiet, hunting wabbits...