Sunday, December 04, 2005

What an honor

We're watching the TV movie about Pope John Paul II right now. I always found him someone immensely human and also very holy and admirable, even before I was Catholic. And on my honeymoon, my new husband and I sang at one of the Requiem Masses in St. Peter's in his honor. What a humbling and awe-inspiring experience! To me, the controversy only made me more conscious of the power of faith in spite of all of our human frailties. I do find it somewhat ironic that I have found such peace in such an old institution. And yet, it is also the church of social action and justice. We're not perfect, but we strive for what is right. Doesn't that describe almost all of us, regardless of our religious beliefs and affiliations?

And does it make me shallow if I gained an even deeper affinity for the man when I saw him in my beloved, Polish-American husband?

Ryan at The Vatican, about an hour before the Memorial Mass, April 2005

"Young students near St. Florian Church in Krakow in 1951 flank the priest who would become pope." from U.S News & World Report

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