Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So, I shamelessly stole this photo from Eurobrat's blog. I wish I could look like this in a dress like that. My older sister totally could.

Incidentally, that is Ryan's girlfriend, Rachel Weisz.

Sigh. I can't change my body, but I do wish I could afford all the dresses I want to own and wear daily. I did recently buy the most divine vintage-looking fitted Greta-green raincoat. I want to wear it every day. It looks really great over the little black dress I finally found-- and on sale, no less. Pair that with my new kelly-green vintage purse my mom got me for Christmas and I will be the most stylish girl around.

Part of my haul:

The dress I bought in black. Shows off everything that Pilates is making firm and curvy.
Adorable little blouse I got in white.
Delicious knit shirt I got in cranberry. Shows off everything to its best advantage. For dates with my husband.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Rachel is Clay's girlfriend also. Although I don't like that dress and I think that is a bad picture of her. It makes her nose look beaky and I think she is much prettier than that most of the time.
You're right though, Caroline would look good in it. :)

Loni said...

Hmm. I am a bit confused, because I don't see why you wouldn't look like that in the green dress. You are beautiful!

Julie said...

Ah, cute clothing. I cannot wait to be able to wear cute - wait, make that any - clothing again! Although I will never have a body like that.

Ann Marie said...

A while ago, I was reading your blog, saw that pic of the model in the red shirt, and at first thought it was you. Then I looked again and saw it wasn't. I wasn't going to say anything until the exact same thing happened again just now. For the 2nd time, I thought that girl in the cranberry top was you! Kate, you should be a model!