Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Extended vacation. Sort of.

School started back up on Monday. I made it through my largest class without incident. I went to adjust the monitor and without warning, it fell straight down. It hit my desk below it and tumped over the little computer monitor I have there. See below for a before picture (from August).

It hit the top of my left shoulder and the top of my arm near my elbow. We were all lucky that it didn't smash. I pushed the big red emergency button that turns off all the power in the room. Although my brother-in-law pointed out that there are huge capacitors inside that hold lots of charge, I figured it would be better than having an actual open circuit. At that point it was hanging from the cords on the wall.

The teacher from next door came running to find out what had made the horrific noise and to make sure we were all okay. Since my phone was buried somewhere on my broken desk, she went to her room and called for help. The monitor started to shift and I managed to wedge it against the filing cabinet. Unfortunately, that pinched my knuckles and banged my elbow on my right side. Teacher friend called for help again. We were afraid it was going to fall and smash, hurting us all. I suppose I should have gotten the kids out of the room. They told me, "Miss, this is a black school. Do you think anyone is going to come help?" I argued with them, but their observation was true in terms of no one coming to help. Their being black might not have been the reason, but their attitude was depressing. It's almost like they've accepted lower standards.

After that, my teacher friend pulled a big teacher out of a meeting and he tried to move the monitor, but since it's a couple hundred pounds he didn't have much luck. They watched my class and sent me down to the nurse to get some workers comp paperwork and a baggie of ice. The kids gave me this, we told you so routine about the nurse only ever giving you ice or maybe letting you lie down. Two maintenance men came to move the beast and only were able to barely get it around the broken desk and onto a dolly on the floor.

I made it through the next class by basically giving them book work and sitting there like a zombie. I started to think going home would be a good idea. At lunchtime I went and showed all the teachers my lovely bruises. Really, I'm five years old. They encouraged me to go home and I got permission from my AP. He saw my bruises and said absolutely. Sometimes it good to have translucent skin! I got the front office to get me a sub and dropped off my paperwork with the nurse and went home. Ryan offered to come pick me up because he had the day off. I turned him down, but I probably should have taken him up on his offer since I was really out of it. Luckily, the drive was only 4 miles.

When I got home, Ryan made sure I sat in the big yellow comfy chair and wrapped up in a blankie with my piglet and made me lunch. He also wrapped my shoulder in an ice pack and put another on my forearm and offered band-aids for my knuckles. He's lovely.

I took Tuesday off work and went to the doctor. She didn't think it was too likely that it was anything more than bruising, but she did want to x-ray my shoulder and elbow. It was too late to do that yesterday so I took today off, too. X-rays went well this morning and I haven't heard back yet, but I'm thinking nothing's broken. Thanks Mom and thanks milk! I needed another day off to get my head back together. For a while I was really freaked out about the fact that I often sit under the monitor because it's my desk and the cords don't reach very far so it makes sense and... I could have been killed. It also could have fallen on one of the kids. I was also discouraged about the response time from the powers that be. And the nurse who didn't even touch me to make sure nothing was broken.

I'm feeling much better and I've got some new things prepared for classes since I can't do powerpoints for a while. Got to get an overhead. And luckily the library just emailed saying they got some transparencies and toner for the copier. Woo-hoo! Do you know how much transparencies cost? It's ridiculous! You'd think they were gold-plated or something. So, some good news.

I'm ready to go back. Although it's been nice to have some more time to sleep in and read. And catch up on my stories. And get all kinds of decorating ideas for our house. Which reminds me that I need to go back to work so we can buy our place and really fix it up!


Grant-Will-Rant said...

First of all, I'm glad you're OK. Secondly, Move that desk! That's a moster monitor looming over your head. I know, hindsight.

That's terrible about the response time of the "powers that be." Those poor kids. But what can you do but continue doing what you're already doing? Keep encouraging them and giving them your best?

And enjoy your day off.

Grant-Will-Rant said...

Oh, and I fed your pig. But it feels so pointless to spritz him with water when he's frolicking in a pile of mud. :)

dmd said...

I am so glad you are ok. It must have been a week for Oddities. One of my students moved the trashcan next to my desk and said "Miss, something is growing here". Idiot me left the heat on over the break and the moisture in my 50 year old "temporary" shack caused a giant (like 8 inch wide) MUCHSROOM to grow on the wood part of my desk! A good biology teacher would have used that as a lesson, but I am not her. I shreiked (like it was going to eat me) and wouldn't go near it. Luckily, I have a brave girl student who got rid of it for me.

dmd said...

Oh, and I know its MUSHROOM not mucshroom. Be nice, I am hopped up on cold meds.

Loni said...

I am sorry you had such a rough day. You're hubby is wonderful and takes good care of you. Spend this weekend lounging and reading. I hope your arm and shoulder feel better soon!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Horrible. So glad you're okay.

Kate said...


Good point about the desk. It's broken and I don't even like going near where it used to be.

It is a little mean to spritz the pig when he's all muddy and frolicksome.

Kate said...


Hopped up on meds or magic mushrooms? :)

That is just not right.