Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lost in the shuffle

Along with all of the loss and frustration, there were some high points to this week. And not just 4pm Friday! :)

On Wednesday evening we went to our friend Kimberly's recital. As Ryan said, we're very comfortable with our roles as hangers-on. She was fabulous, as always. We did get a nice view of Strake Jesuit's campus. Not quite the school where I teach. Not by a long shot.

On Thursday I dragged my flabby self to Pilates class. Ryan was still recovering from the marathon and he had to work late anyway, so he wasn't there. I started to cry a few times from frustration and plain old pain. My poor muscles were tight and my shoulder was hurting like crazy. But after an hour I felt much better about myself physically and mentally. I raced home and showered and got ready for an event at someone's home in Memorial.

Home. This chateau back in the woods. This was the second time we'd been there. It was for Mercury Baroque and they talked and played some music from their upcoming concerts. We always enjoy hearing them and it is kind of fun to sit in someone's drawing room, sipping wine and stuffing our faces with cheese and smoked salmon and other tasty delights. For a moment there I almost felt cultured. :)

Since there's only so far that wine and cheese will go, we stopped by
Cafe Express on our way home. Ryan was on the phone with his friend Danny so he decided what he wanted and I ordered while he talked outside. I ordered Ryan's club sandwich with avocado and a salad for me. A glorious green salad with grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, crumbled bacon, glazed pecans, croutons, with a creamy parmesan dressing. Probably more fatty than my usual cheeseburger but a lot more fiber.

I had one of those moments where you just feel good about yourself and about the world. I was wearing my new cranberry shirt that shows off my jubblies to their best advantage, black pants, and my wedding earrings (30th bday gift from friends), necklace ($4 at Charlotte Russe), and shoes (on sale at Sam & Libby purchased for New Years 2001 with Kelli). My hair was up and I was wearing makeup-- I'm surprised Ryan recognized me. :) I even got a very, very large foreign man admiring me as he walked by and saying hello.

When I got outside, Ryan had just gotten off the phone and I walked by a full table of folks who were smoking. Apparently, this Cafe Express is hopping at that time of night. As I walked past, the man from inside said, "Goodbye!" to me and since I was in this bizarre mood and full of wine I turned back and waved to him. One of the women at the table glared at me as she sucked on her European cigarette. Ryan kind of raised his eyebrows-- know him? Um, no, he just said hello inside. And put my arm around his waist. Hey baby, this hot woman goes home with you.

I was scheduled to be the cantor at Mass on Saturday evening so I suggested that we go to the mall before that so I could try on that dress. I wore a cute little skirt, blouse, and pink suede shoes that match the blouse. All that topped with my new Greta-green raincoat. Adorable, if I do say so myself. First, we went to Nordstrom and found the cocoa version of the dress but none others. I wasn't all that jazzed with the color and they didn't have my size anyway.

We got to Macy's and I snatched up two sizes of The Dress. I also took in a longer version in the brown/turquoise version. As I suspected, what sounded yucky looked fabulous in person. The green dress was disastrously short. Adorable, but the lining was a leetle bit too high up on my thighs. Waa-waa. The longer version was too long-- the beading and such was too low. Instead of being above my hips, it was along my butt. Very strange. I was kind of sad. Ryan agreed that the short one was too short and the long one was too long. He asked me if I was disappointed and I said yes, but there would be other dresses.

Possibly even before we got to the car I was saying that maybe the more I do Pilates I will lose an inch or two off my thighs and the dress would hang better. And then maybe it would go on sale. And...

Ryan asked how much a real vintage dress would cost and I said perhaps in the neighborhood of that dress. I got on my favorite vintage dress sites later and had no luck with 1920s dresses. I had forgotten that while 1940-1960's dresses can be in good shape and reasonably priced if you get lucky, those fabulous flapper dresses are not often in good shape and if they are, they are over $1000. Part of the problem is that all of that beading on mesh doesn't hold up well over time since the mesh or netting is so delicate and the glass beads are heavy... Sigh.

Mass went fairly well, all things considered. I was having a lot of trouble keeping things together. Afterwards we went over to our friend Ana's house and hung out with her and her daughter Isabella. We brought over a frozen pizza and some wine and dear little Izzy entertained us. She was not interested in sleeping and took a dive off the couch (no major injuries), so it was a more exciting evening than normal. Isabella was still awake when Ana's husband got home from playing for the opera. He hung out with us for a bit but then decided to take the little one for a drive. Less than half an hour he was back with a little comatose body. There's something so lovely about a sleeping child.

We stayed for a few more hours, talking and drinking wine and then Baileys (Ana and I) and Scotch (Ryan and Jonathan). We started a blog for Ana to post pictures of her little one for the family to see. She's worried about creeps seeing pictures of her little one, but if she doesn't put their address or location, how can anyone find her? Anyone with kids have thoughts on this?

We got home a little before 2 this morning. Oof. We fell into bed and slept in this morning because for the first time in weeks and weeks neither or us had to sing (or run). I woke up this morning to rain drumming on the roof and skylights. There are few better sounds in this world. It doesn't make things better or fix problems, but it makes me feel comforted and safe and that makes things better. I can face things better when I'm calmer. And on that note, I am off to fold more laundry that my lovely husband washed and cuddle. We've been doing that a lot more lately and it's good. Counting my blessings and holding the people I love close.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm jealous you have Cafe Express. The one here closed.

As far as Ana's blog, I suppose there are ways that really determined perverts could discover things. Sometimes I worry about that too. For example, I almost posted the link to Gilly's dance school, and then realized it was too close to home and I probably shouldn't. But overall, I don't think there's any big risk. Maybe if she was 14 and going out alone with friends to the mall, or posting stuff herself, I would be more freaked. I don't think my blog is a chance for her to get snatched or anything though, because she's never unattended.
But maybe I'm just naive. :) I have no scientific studies to back up my thoughts.