Saturday, January 21, 2006

More dresses!

I suppose this latest obsession has to do with there not being enough alcohol or chocolate cake to take my mind off my friends who are hurting and how useless I am when it comes to helping them. And my own selfish pain. There are quite a few people now I can't wait to hug and kiss when I get to heaven. One tiny, tiny baby we never even got to meet or kiss and hug and...

So, last night, after a glorious meal of Indian food (my first time), Ryan and I went to Macy's to look at some suits on sale. He has a difficult body to fit, what with his Superman shape-- broad, broad shoulders and narrow waist. He normally wears a 46Long to fit his shoulders and then has the rest altered significantly to fit the rest of him. And he's never really happy with how they make him look.

So he picks up a few suits and then shows me the Calvin Klein pinstriped suit separates. Another good choice for him since the pants that come with his suits are usually quit a few sizes too large. He found some flat-front pants in his size but no jacket. So he thought he would just try the 44L. And the clouds parted, the sun shone through and the celestial choir broke into song. Ryan is now officially Calvin's bitch. He is ruined for all other suits. All other affordable suits, of course. We didn't buy one, but we did drool and dream. It is on sale...

In a daze, we walked upstairs and made a detour through the dress section. La la la la la, pretty dresses. Touch, drool, but nothing I couldn't live without. Or live without for the price. And then, I turned the corner and saw this beautiful dress in olive green. Beaded with a
godet hem. Sort of 1920s inspired. I stroked it and even made kissing noises, which made Ryan laugh. I looked at the label and lo and behold it is in the neighborhood of what I might spend on a dress for a special occasion. The most expensive house on the block, but still. It was too late to try it on, so maybe it would make me look frumpy or like I'm wearing some older lady's dress. When we got home I tried to look it up but couldn't remember the name and it wasn't on Macy's website. Darn! I tried to do some research but to no avail. It was late and I went to bed with visions of beaded dresses dancing in my head.

This morning I woke up and Ryan was already out of bed and out of the house. I unloaded the dishwasher and noticed the Crumpla case for our digital camera was empty on the counter. Hmm. He came home a bit later and I asked what he was taking pictures of. He asked me if I'd checked my email and there were the pictures:

My dress! The dress I love, including the tag so I can research it some more. I love this man, I love him, I love him! Who needs diamonds? Please! Who needs something so shallow? Haha! I realize how much of a freak I am being obsessed with something as meaningless as a dress.
Brief note here on the glorious breakfast Ryan made me while I researched this dress: fried eggs folded over with baby Swiss cheese inside, sausage links, sauteed apple slices with cinnamon, toast, latte, and a huge glass of milk. The man sure knows the way to my heart!

So, here are some pictures I found of the dress. Apparently it exists in up to four colors! Joy! So, if I am lucky enough to look good in it, I could find a color that would look good against my skin.
Brown over turquoise (sounds kind of odd, but probably glorious in person
Blue (although it looks more lavendar in the picture. Who knows what it looks like in person

Allegedly Nordstrom sells the olive, brown/turquoise and cocoa varieties so I could try those on and see if they looked good on me. Although it might be like when I went and tried on wedding dresses at Saks. My friends cautioned me that I might fall in love with a $5000 dress that I couldn't have and then be sad. There is still one I would like to own and wear. You know, to my next royal ball.

I am a freak, but you all love me, right? Even though I'm thinking about silly things when other people in this world have real worries and concerns.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

May I tell you, it is not selfish to feel pain? And dresses are much better than alcohol or chocolate cake, since you would not be able to wear the dresses if you ate all that. It's gorgeous. Soon you will have to come visit me. There is a Nordstrom's here and I want to see you wear it.
I love you.

Grant-Will-Rant said...

You are to dresses like I am to books. And yes, neither are bad for your health.

Kate said...

Dresses and books. My two main vices in this life.