Sunday, February 19, 2006

#1 Comment from last week

I kept meaning to post this, but what with all the sickness at our house, I've been too tired. But this is much to good to miss. Mind you, this was "spoken" at a volume that would drown out a jackhammer.

Student: Miss! Why you don't never let us talk in class!

Um, is that a question or a statement? How do you want me to respond? How about you just shut up and do your damn work for once?

This is the same type of grammar that baffles me when they say/shout:

Miss! What time it is!

Are you asking what time it is? If so, the clock is in the same place it's been since August. Are you about to tell me what time it is like a town crier? If so, I can tell time without opening my cell phone. And yes, I'm talking about native English speakers. I once had a girl freak out and start screaming at her classmate because he was "talking proper." God forbid.

Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow. Once my grades are turned in I am tempted to turn right back around and go home and call in sick. I am sick. And I could even say I need a mental health day. I desperately need a mental health day. Or maybe I should wait until Wednesday since I'll need a rest after spending all morning with 9th graders taking their TAKS test. Joy. I can't wait.


Grant-Will-Rant said...

At least the student started the question/statement politely, instead of Hey Teach!

But talk about a tongue twister: Why you don't God! I think I need a shower!

dmd said...

14 work days til Spring Break! 13 of you don't count TAKS Test Tuesday. My test group is 9th graders too. I feel your pain.

ksl said...

That is the kind of thing that makes me glad we are going to homeschool! My three year old has better grammer.

zydeco fish said...

Funny, the undergrads where I work have similar problems with grammar, especially written grammar. But, they are going to pay for my pension, so I should be nice.