Saturday, February 25, 2006

Speaking of cloes

Just in case you're not familiar with the word "cloe," this is what I thought the singular form of "clothes" was when I was little. As in, "Please pass me that Barbie cloe." I don't know why it's spelled with that final E, but it is. I made up the word; I get to decide the spelling.

Ryan and I first got together nearly five years ago. Our dating and wedding anniversary are within a week of each other (+ four years). Very convenient that way. We'd only been dating three months when my birthday rolled around. Just in case it wasn't clear that this guy was getting serious about me, Ryan got me some fabulous Doc Marten sandals, a 1930's Russian print about literacy, and a dress. A vintage dress. A dress that the original owner had a picture of herself wearing while standing next to Jackie O. Yeah. And it fit! Perfectly! It's gorgeous yellow linen and cream cotton with embroidered panels with a wheat motif. Here's a photo of us a few months later at some friends' wedding reception at Rice.

As I previously stated, I was at Ann Taylor this past weekend. They have this whole new line of fancy dresses for weddings especially. Fabulous! And look at these dresses-- do they look familiar to you?Hmm.. Why do I want the blue dress? Can I wear it to a wedding and not look like I stole the bridesmaids dresses? I want the green or maybe the blue. Okay, if I'm saying what I want, I want all of them! It reminds me of the dress that Liesl wears in The Sound of Music where she's dancing with Rolf and he's singing that asinine song about how he's so much older and wiser (and a Nazi, sweetie--run!). But who cares-- it's about that fabulous feeling and running around and getting caught in the rain with a boy...

And then there's the version that's just the skirt with an adorable little top.

Because I have a couple grand lying around for dresses. Incidentally, I am ghostly white so the color differences are a lot less obvious on me. Still completely adorable. By the way, if you were playing the "adorable" drinking game, you've probably passed out by now.

And of course, there's the Katie shoe. I need a pair in every color. Incidentally, I fell in love with them before I flipped them over and saw the name. :)

I have a sickness. The hills are alive, with the sound of dresses...

Who's looking forward to watching all the Oscar dresses? Especially so since I've got a sinus infection and bronchitis and my chest rattles and sometimes even makes this clicking noise when I breathe deeply. And let's talk about the coughing. I am chock fulla medicine and I slept 14 hours last night. Before you start feeling jealous, I did not sleep the night before and then went to work and somehow stayed conscious. The kids asked why I didn't just stay home again (I took off Weds. & Thurs.) and I said I was bored. And I was feeling a little better and figured I could sit and stare at them while they did a worksheet just as well as a sub could, if not better. Although I found out at least one class didn't have a sub on Thurs. I'm going to have words with a few people about that. No adult supervision? Who let them in the room and just left them there? Jeez. I'm surprised the room was still in one piece when I got back.

Anyway, I'm not singing tomorrow although I do plan to go to church with Ryan and sit in Starbucks while he's practicing. That way I can go to Mass and slip out if I have a coughing fit. I was feeling guilty about not singing again, but Ana reminded me that I could do terrible damage to my vocal chords. That made me feel better. She always makes me feel better. :)


dmd said...

I love that dress in blue! I am not made for dresses or heels at all, but I wish I were. You look great in them and those would be perfect on you too!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

What does the top look like in the two piece version? Could I do it? Or would it be terribly wrong? Because I also do like it. And you would know better than me if it would look good on me, because you are the Dress Fiend while I am merely... not.

Kate said...

I shall send you pics of the top choices. Little sweaters that would be adorable on you. Something fun and a little fuzzy in a nice way, like angora or something. Very sweater girl and much better on you than me. And the skirt would be fabulous!