Friday, February 24, 2006

These boots were made for walkin'

And you'd better be singing the Nancy Sinatra version!

Okay, so I'm not technically talking about boots. But these shoes make me feel that hot. Fierce. So, the story... I used to think women who loved clothes and especially shoes were nuts. Beyond frivolous and self-indulgent and somehow even sinful-- think
Imelda Marcos. Well, recently I have begun to accept that I am a girl and sometimes I like to fuss and preen and well, be attractive to myself and my lovely husband.

So, I was at the Galleria last weekend, because I hate myself. Normally a random winter Saturday isn't too crowded, but it was mobbed. I forgot that the NBA All-Star game was in town. Did I learn nothing from when the Super Bowl was in town? I was working there at the time and it was wild. Enormous crowds and velvet ropes around the really fancy shops and celebrities. I left that day before they actually shut down the entire mall early because it was becoming a security risk. Holy crap!

Anyway, I was in search of a semi-cheap adorable pair of shoes to wear to the concert and party we were going to that evening. I had just tried on my black dress and it was distressingly tight.
I wandered into Ann Taylor and struck gold at their sale rack. There were about four dresses I wanted to buy, but I settled on an adorable periwinkle print one. In addition, I found a gorgeous periwinkle blouse to wear with some fancy black pants I already have and a matching wrap. And I found some fabulous matching shoes. I considered not getting them and then thought about trying to find shoes to go with them and cursing myself for not getting the shoes that would match the dress and the top and... I got these. ADORABLE!
I had promised Ryan I would find him a tie to go with his new suit. Yes, he bought the fabulous pinstripe Calvin Klein suit. Of course, the King of the Internet found a fabulous deal! So, I went over to Macy's and because I'm naughty I walked through the shoe section. I've been looking for a pair of shoes to match my fabulous spring green coat. Well, I happened upon some on a ledge in the Clearance area. Lo and behold, they were my Jolly Green Giant size. And adorable. And $30. I tried them on and they were even more cute on my feet, which isn't always the case. Sometimes high heels do weird things with your feet that are really unattractive. So, I took them to the counter and the total with TTL was $20-- wha? Extra sale you say? Well, I feel a little better about my little indulgent detour. So, behold, the world's most fabulous and fun shoes...

And did you notice the fabulousness going on around the heel and ankle? I am quite fond of that part of my body and they show them off to their best advantage.

On my way to the men's section I wandered through the perfume section smelling things. I really don't need or even want new perfume but I love smelling all the new ones. A salesperson came up to me and asked if I was looking for anything in particular and I stumbled upon the most excellent way to get rid of salespeople. I gave her a kind of guilty look, said I was actually looking for a tie for my husband, giggled and said I kind of got sidetracked and we both laughed. And she left me alone!!! I need to keep this tactic in my back pocket.

I struck out with the ties. Most of them were just wrong. I remembered that Ryan had admired some ties at
Bonanza Republic so I cruised by there. One of the cute little boys came up to me and asked me if I was finding everything okay. And I said, and I quote, "Neckties. I'm looking for neckties." Apparently if you're buying a tie for your husband it's suddenly 1950 again and people still call them neckties. Who knows where that came from. He asked me all about the suit and all I could think was, uh, it's black pinstripe. He asked me what color. Um, the pinstripes? Pinstripe color? Why am I such a moron when it comes to boys' clothes? Well, he steered me to this beautiful green and blue pattern that I thought would look fabulous with his new suit and new white stripey shirt. And he was very pleased and looks fabulous in it!

And then since I had bought everything in the mall, I went home. More on the concert later. it deserves its own post. And then some.

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Zolafan said...

Hey, that was a sharp suit Ryan was wearing last Sat., meant to tell him that, didn't know it was a new steal off the 'net. Oh, I'm sure you looked nice, too... :)