Monday, February 13, 2006

We're watching curling

True story. The commentators are completely boring and almost entirely incomprehensible. Although the action is kind of hypnotic. Maybe one of my friendly Canadians can shed some light on this. Are they really called rocks? Sounds kind of dirty or scatalogical to me. And I love the sliding and the brooms. We used to have a Playmobil set with curling people and all their tools that as stupid Americans we had no idea what to do with. This was also before we had internet access and could look something up in seconds. Not that I automatically believe everything I read on the "interweb"...

This was a spectacularly bad post in terms of grammar. I will blame it on the sickness that has descended upon our household. Instead of our usual Monday evening at the gym, we're both curled up on the couch, wrapped in blankets, with the heat on high... watching curling.

Update: someone keeps changing the channel away from figure skating. Curling is okay, but figure skating isn't?!?

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zydeco fish said...

Yes, they are called rocks. The odd thing is that watching curling can be hypnotic. We had a required curling component in our high school phys ed class. It's true. It's fun to play, but suprisingly difficult.