Friday, March 10, 2006

Freedom!!! 9 DAYS of freedom!

The bell rang at 3:53 and I about did a jig. The kids were in hurry to get out, but I was in an even bigger hurry. Danielle's comments were excellent about why spring break is so great. I got my progress reports bubbled and dropped everything off and went to Happy Hour. A big, big, big margarita, baby!

Now I'm home with my feet on the coffee table, watching TV, blogging, catching up on The Nest, and reading. While I was sinning, Ryan was at church and then he's going to check the mail and then...

we're going to set up our new mattress!! Our Sleep Number mattress that we've wanted for years. We bought it last weekend and it came in the mail yesterday. Ryan didn't want to pay the delivery fee and wait the 2 weeks and deal with being home and... He's very handy. The foam has been stretching out since this morning so hopefully it will be ready to put together.

Before you start to feel jealous, please know that we wanted one before we were both unemployed for TWO YEARS. And then we were getting our finances back in order. All this time we were sleeping on a mattress and box springs Ryan got at Sam's THIRTEEN years ago, for pete's sake. Forget crappy, this mattress has been horrible. And we're going to put it in the guest room. ;)


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Congratulations! And may you find your number much more quickly than I did. I had more trouble than I thought I would on that bed. Sometimes I still change it.

Loni said...

"And we're going to put it in the guest room. ;)"

Ha! That just made me laugh. :)

Julie said...

Sleep Number beds ROCK! You will be totally spoiled. Enjoy!

Kate said...

I haven't found my Sleep Number yet, but it's still worlds more comfortable than the old bed.

And I'm glad I made someone laugh about putting that torture device in the guest room. :)