Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who's excited about seeing a meerkat?

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Me! We're going to the zoo today. I am visiting with the fabulous KEP and we're taking four kids to the zoo today along with four grown-ups. There were supposed to be more kids, but there's a cough going around. I'm sure the others will be missed, but this person who's not used to toddlers is pleased to have less small ones to wrangle. When we come home I may fall into a coma.

I already was awakened by the sweetest little voice accompanied by hugs. She was concerned that she was going to be too loud, which killed me. How cute! And then I made Homemade Gourmet pecan muffins and restrained myself from eating them ALL. Must share with small people. I did drink copious amounts of milk. And a Diet Coke to ward off caffeine headaches.

I am thinking right now of being awakened by Kelli bringing Gilly in when she was a tiny, tiny baby and laying her next to me to wake me up. I can still hear her sweet cooing and smell her sweet baby smell. But I thoroughly enjoy her sassy toddler self now. Aunt Katie! I was messing with her this morning when Kelli was asking her what she wanted to wear-- her cherries dress or the turtles dress. She first chose the cherries and I asked if I could wear the turtles. She gave me this look, uh no, you can't. Why not? You're too big. Yeah, I would stretch it out... We did manage to bend her will to ours and she's wearing the adorable turtles dress she and her daddy picked out with the matching hair clip and fancy anklets and t-strap Keds.

Okay, I am now armed with a set of animal flashcards to prep for the zoo in the car. Hopefully we'll be able to get in okay. I heard that yesterday was half-price day and it took three hours to get in. Oh, there would be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in that case. And then the kids' reactions. :) Wish me luck, y'all! I dealt with 49 teenagers at once, I can deal with four toddlers, right? Mwuahahahaha! I hear you laughing and that's not nice. But you're right. They are going to kick my butt. But I shall have fun. And I shall see meerkats.

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