Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This is what I am full up of right about now. Everything in my life is making me nuts. Okay, mostly it's the job stuff. My current job is making me insane. I've applied to some private schools and I need to apply to Danielle's school.

I don't like to say nasty things about my job here because this is a semi-public space. Semi- because very few people I work with are out here trolling blogs. The latest thing is brand-new pre-AP teachers don't need any training until two months into the school year. This is supposed to save money. No wonder our school is always so low-performing.

I did do a kick-ass presentation yesterday. We had a professional development day (NO KIDS) and those of us who went to Chicago had to present on something we learned. To justify going. In general, I wouldn't mind doing it, but there had been some drama about whether or not I actually attended the conference or if I spent the entire weekend with Ryan, you know, Doing It. And of course, the person who snitched on me ditched to go shopping all but about three hours out of the whole weekend. And didn't have to give a presentation since it's acknowledged that she didn't attend. Argh. But I did get lots of compliments on my presentation and PowerPoint and such. I talked about dropouts, which was an interesting topic for most people. Well, at least they didn't snore or drool.

I also have no patience lately. I am out of my night-time anti-depressant which is supposed to help with anxiety. Not good. I did get an email that the refill has been shipped. In the meantime, I am trying to stay calm and work out a lot. And read and nap and focus on getting a better job next year.

BTW, you all have Ollie to thank for this new post (finally). I would be cursing him, except that I've been playing his Easter egg game obsessively. Sorry for being such a grump.


Oliver Dale said...

Yay! Thank you :)

Zolafan said...

look, Kate - I finally posted too! Pics of me fleeing smoke bombs - yahoo!

La Florecita Bonita said...

I totally feel your pain on the job thing...Dont you just love it when the "snitch" is the worst one of them all?!?!