Monday, April 17, 2006

My head hurts

Like crazy. All the time. I take Tylenol Sinus as often as I can. I have done some pretty gross things with salt, wter, baking soda and a nasal aspirator. I've drunk as much water as I can being a teacher without bathroom priveldges for most of the day. And yet, the vise-like pressure and stabbing pains continue. This is day four.

I'm also feeling kind of lost now that this weekend's pressure is off and I finished the book that I've been reading for the last month. Now what do I do?

Four days of being cooped up in my room with 9th graders taking their TAKS test one day and doing busy work and bouncing off the walls the other three. I can't frickin' wait.

I realize I don't have anything real to complain about. I'm just grumpy and crabby.


dmd said...

Tis better to be crabby than to have crabs.
Have you tried Aleve for headaches? Thats the only thing that works for me when I get those week long work-induced suckers.

Oliver Dale said...

Sounds real enough to me. Complain on, sister.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Amen sistah! Except for me it's the incessant coughing that has not been touched by a round of antibiotics. :)

Good luck with the testing.