Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen thanks to Kelli

Thirteen Things I Love About my Husband

1. His beautiful baritone in the choir and in the shower. Especially in the shower.

2. When he's tired and sleepy or full of wine and I see the little boy he once was.

3. His generosity. How I know if any of our friends need anything he will do it, no matter what.

4. How he always sees the best in me.

5. How he is always on my side. And is able to be gentle with me when I need someone to tell me that I'm not right, but he's still totally on my side and on my team.

6. His brilliance and ability to fix anything mechanical from our cars to computers to plumbing to complex drilling rigs to...

7. His eye for the unseen. How he can imagine what can be in terms of color and light and design for our house and other things. (His photography)

8. How he is the strongest, most responsible person I know and then he can turn around and be incredibly silly to cut the tension.

9. How he is with little kids. Especially when he doesn't know I'm watching.

10. How he gets my nerdy jokes and loves me for them rather than being confused and/or embarassed for me. :)

11. How he always, always cares for me no matter what without making me feel weak or needy. And how he always saves me the last tidbit.

12. The best hugs.

13. Okay, okay, his gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair and his superman shape and how he makes me feel dainty and always, always protected.

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Oliver Dale said...

I demand that you update. This girly sentimentality will pollute the top of my screen no longer!

Kate said...

;P Just for that I should not update for quite some time.

Sorry, I've been tired and depressed lately. Not much to say. Not much energy.