Sunday, May 14, 2006

Katie-Kat World Week in Review

Monday: My two sisters and I went to an Erasure concert. SO much fun! I should write a whole separate entry about it!

crummy day. During choir practice, Ryan surprised everyone by singing a solo that the director had asked someone else to sing. They decided it was more in Ryan's range so he started singing. I was like, hey, that's the voice I hear in the shower! He nailed it, of course. :)

Wednesday: I felt like crap in the morning and the room where I was teaching physics had no a/c. My head hurt and I was weak with pain and nausea. Since the seniors were all off taking pictures I managed to pass out the worksheets I had for the remaining students and sat down and laid my head on the cool lab bench. I stood up to attempt to teach and the nausea kept coming in waves. I actually had to run across the hall into the girls' restroom to barf. The girls in there were very kind to me when I came out and rinsed out my mouth and splashed my face with water (no soap, no TP, no paper towels). I walked out into the hall with a completely wet face and in tears and ran into a friend. She looked at me with hope when I told her I barfed but I assured her it wasn't anything like that. She did offer to get me some anti-nausea drugs and I accepted. I made it through the rest of the day just barely. My students said I looked like death and I felt like it.

Thursday: I felt better, but still crappy. The headache continued although less. Our friend Jerry had given us some tickets to the symphony but it wasn't until 8, so we decided to go to our regular Pilates class. We got there and our instructor wasn't there so we went home and made some dinner and got dressed up. The concert was so good and it was really fun to spend time with friends.

Friday: School went okay although I was really stressed and headachey. Every time I stood up my left temple throbbed and made me dizzy. After school I came straight home and Ryan and I rattled around the house together being big bundles of nerves. Big things are afoot in our house, but we're keeping them quiet for now. I will tell you it has nothing to do with me barfing in the morning, but it is good.

Saturday: We slept in and I made us breakfast-- cheesy scrambled eggs and rye bread toast and sausage links. And Ryan made some fabulous hazelnut lattes. We rattled around and watched TV and tried not to completely freak out. I went to my friend Dema's house for girls' night, which was fun. I drank a lot of fun things that I'd never had before-- port and sparkling shiraz of all things and had lots of chocolate and garlic and stinky cheese and bread and butter. Yum. I need to quit eating like this or my clothes are going to continue to not fit.

Sunday: Ryan's solo was outstanding and I couldn't have been prouder. I looked over during and saw our lovely friend Ana with her hands pressed together praying for him. She is the best teacher and friend any two people could have. We came home after church and ate lunch and I napped through the 10-15 minutes of rain we had. I'm not all that jazzed about going to school tomorrow since we're just going to be reviewing, but at least I'll have something to distract myself.

BTW, I think the headaches are because of weather and stress and may actually be sneaking over into migraine territory. Ryan's been there too, although he's also been dizzy. I swear, we do not do uncertainty well.


Grant-Will-Rant said...

Erasure? In concert? Where's the time portal? I had no idea they were still together. Too cool!

Tim said...

Well if it makes you feel better, I had migraines all last week starting at about 5pm every night. I have no clue why... although I'm guessing weather. This weekend was better.

dmd said...

My allergies have been killing me too. Bad headaches and suffiness. It sucks and I sympathize with you.
Congrats to Ryan on the solo :-)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Dude. Erasure? Why did you not call me? :) Didn't we go to the last one together?