Friday, May 26, 2006

Summer, Summer. Summertime!

Ah yes! Kids were done yesterday and I spent until about 1 today cleaning up, turning things in and getting signatures so I could go. I had made a major screw-up on my grades so I had to turn in something like 40 grade change forms. I apparently can't fill in bubble sheets correctly. Well, I bubbled all the grades, but I didn't know that there was one little spot to show that I was changing grades from last grading cycle. Anyway, I just felt rotten for causing more work for anyone. I was just glad to get confirmation that all of my grades were okay. At least I didn't get my name called out over the loudspeaker for not having my things turned in on time.

I was gross and sweaty and filthy. For some reason no one had been in my room to clean or even to empty the trash all week. It was overflowing and ripe. It's so freaking hot right now and walking out into the sun was awful, what with the headache I had. I'm hoping that summer is the magical ingredient that make my headaches go away. Among other things, I'm tired of taking so many Tylenol Sinus that I'm going to be put on the watch list at my local pharmacies since it's behind the counter now. I promise I'm not making meth-- I just want my head to stop pounding!

Some friends met for lunch and margaritas afterwards. Remind me not to drink at lunchtime. Especially when I already have a splitting headache. I even drank two huge glasses of water and it still didn't help. Since I was tipsy, I went shopping with a friend. She was looking for some things for dates. I was looking for shorts and struck out. Sigh.

Now we're sitting around watching NUMB3RS and now I'm in search of a new chick lit book. Ah, long weekend... Summer school starts on Wednesday, but that will be so different, it will only be a few weeks, and I will buy a new computer...


dmd said...

Summer school isn't nearly as bad as the regular year. It is much more relaxed and you have so much power over the kids because 1 referral and they are out. I am copying you and buying a new computer with mine too. I want a laptop and am going to sell my desktop,I hope. Don't need both.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Sounds fun!

And come visit me, because I have a whole lot of your chick lit, and I think some of it is stuff you haven't read yet.