Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who is this man?!?

Last night we were lying around like lizards, watching TV and trying not to think about all the things we're worried about. Ryan flipped to Good Eats with our friend Alton Brown. He was making chocolate fudge. Yum! He was talking about the importance of the sugar crystalizing and I was about to tell Ryan the story of the fudge that Kelli and I made that never hardened. And how we sang I'm a Little Striped Skunk. Or maybe that was another night. That will tell you how old we were at the time of this story, right? Anyway, before I was able to open my mouth, he says (as he changes the channel), and I quote:

Who cares? It's just fudge.

Now my mouth was hanging open. Who cares?!? It's just fudge? Just fudge? I had a fit and he just started laughing at me. I told him I don't know him at all. Not only is fudge important, but it's one of the tiers on the food pyramid, for pete's sake. Just fudge?!?

Apparently, I took for granted that someone who loves chocolate in all its forms would love fudge as well. Harumph. Fudge hater.


dmd said...

As much of a chocolate lover as I am, I hate fudge too. It is just way too sweet. High five, Ryan!

Oliver Dale said...

Okay. I just wanted to give a little "woot woot" for Alton Brown.

He's so dreamy.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

How can you hate fudge? Fudge is important. Very. Yes, it's too sweet, but that's a good thing.

Grant-Will-Rant said...

No worries. He'll come to his senses. Just make him a batch of un-hardened fudge ;)