Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm beautiful and I love my life!

These summer school kids are quite the handful. I'm not used to ninth graders anymore! I've thrown a few out in the hall in the last few days. A couple got zeroes on their labs because they were horseplaying. A few have already been kicked out altogether. One girl who was a true joy to behold. Everyone who encountered her wanted her out. She was causing trouble everywhere she went. I miss her so. And her two friends are bitter that I got her kicked out (I'll take responsiblity for that one), but they're both a little more focused. In fact, they actually were working today. Go figure.

I have officially been hired by the school where I am teaching this summer for the fall, if that makes any sense. That means that Danielle and I will be working together again. Yay! I missed her lots last year. There wasn't anyone to really roll my eyes at during boring departmental meetings. We emailed back and forth, but it wasn't quite the same thing. And I would get jealous when she told me about what kind of trouble my kids would get into if they went to her school.

We're settling into the house and we've actually had a few people stop by for a few minutes without complete and total shame at the state of our house. Although when Donald stopped by I kept thinking that while we kept thinking how much cleaner things were, he could probably see all the mess. Not that he would judge us. To our faces... ;)

Anyway, life is good. I'm exhausted all the time. I come home from work every day and sleep until Ryan gets home. Then I get up and putter around and then I'm back in bed by midnight. Today we went and worked out for an hour. I feel better about that, but I'm almost too tired to move. I am only posting this now because someone was sad that the top of my blog was me saying that I'm ugly.

I did have a kid comment on my boobs today, which (once I kicked him out and got over my outrage) tickled me. It still kind of bugs me when they mention my skin, but my body who cares. Well, I care when they think I'm pregnant. So anyway, I guess I'm not that fat if I have the figure of a 12-yr old. Seriously, though, I have a message for the Youth of America. Don't comment on women's breasts unless you want to get walloped. A kid earlier in the year meant it as a compliment, but it completely creeped me out. These kids are so clueless about what's appropriate and what's not, although it was the thing I needed to get him barred from class finally. I take that kind of thing actually less personally than screaming at me, but the administration at the old school almost took sexual harassment seriously, so I took what I could get. And they all need to learn that there are just some things you cannot say to people.

In other news, we've eaten dinner at our dining room table for the past few days like civililzed people. It's kind of nice. Ryan's currently hanging our pot rack so all our pretty pots can be displayed and it will free up some more cabinet space. Hopefully I won't get in his way when I go in search of some chocolate sorbet...


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Thank you for the update. :) I feel better.
And yay! New school!

dmd said...

YAY! is right!
I've been good at supressing my joy by not expressing on my blog how happy I am about you coming to the upper layer of hell in the fall. At least its not the lower layers anymore :)

Julie said...

Congratulations on the new job, that's awesome! May you get more kids who want to learn than juvenile delinquents.

Zolafan said...

hold it a sec, you're saying the place had previously been even more of a pigsty? oh, but you're right, I would never have said anything about it, nor about your boobs.