Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm uuuuuugleeee!

One of our favorite episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants is the one where he makes the disgusting "sundae" and has horrible breath that makes people run in terror. He thinks it's because he's become ugly. I believe Patrick helps with this misconception. Anyway, we laugh and laugh and laugh. And it's a great way to laugh off morning breath. Or the bad stress breath we had recently. I wonder if we're the only people who get terrible, terrible, something died in my body bad breath when we're stressed.

Anyway, today in my 2nd period class, there were a few delightful students in there. Okay, more than a few. Just annoying as hell once they got their supplies and showed up to class. No sweetie, if you come to class without supplies and have to leave to get them and come back in after the bell, you're tardy. Being on time is being in your seat with your materials when the bell rings. Especially since they have a 15 minute break before this particular class. So, I get this whole attitude from these three girls who cannot shut up for more than three seconds. They were supposed to be reading and it was like pulling teeth to get them to open their books and hold them right side up. Come on people.

So, apparently, I should not be respected or listened to because I am ugly. I also:

*have a weird zit-like thing on my eyebrow (it's that scaly hereditary skin thing I have and I guess even poor Stella got it, too-- luckily she got her mom's eyebrows and not the ones I inherited from her granddaddy)

*have a weird vein under my eye (true-- it's a scar and you can only see the vein underneath when I'm really tired)

*one toenail is brown while the others are white (duh)

*my shirt was ugly and farmer-like

*my pants were ugly and not the right length (guess I don't look enough like I should be on a street corner)

I was just chuckling when I wasn't yelling at them to just be quiet. I said, I didn't care what they think about me. Later I was telling the grown-ups that I already went to high school and cared about what people thought about me and my clothes. Now, not so much. Anyway, I wrote the girls up and turns out they got written up in other classes (shocker) so it looks like they're going to get pulled out of my class tomorrow. Shock and awe for the rest of class. Damn, I love working at a school where the adults are in charge!

Oh, and turns out that two other kids who were totally disrupting were not only not supposed to be in my class, but they were not supposed to be on campus. They'd been kicked out for various reasons and if they show up again I'm supposed to hit the panic button and have someone collect them ASAP. I think today was the visit the old school day.

So, that was my fabulous day. I emailed Ryan and said I was singing the I'm going to get a laptop song... Seriously, there are a lot worse things that I could be doing right now, but when the alarm went off this morning I was hating life and every teacher I saw this morning was swearing about why they agreed to do this. 17 more days... On an upside, the kids actually do a little work from time to time. Don't get me wrong-- they need lots of prodding, but they're not like kids I've had in the past who sit there like they're stoned all class period. And sadly, some of them weren't-- they were just that lazy.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

You are not ugly. Post something new. It makes me sad to see that at the top of your blog every time I check it AGAIN to see if you've written.

What are you doing, teaching summer school and setting up a new house or something? Jeez, get your priorities straight! :)