Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lobby, lobby, lobby, lobby

I cannot think about anything other than Ryan's new toy sitting unguarded on the deck just asking to be stolen. He is convinced that it's okay and that no one is going to touch it for the next 12 hours or so since there are still burning coals. I need to chill out.

But I am excited-- Ryan got a bonus at work and took some of the money and bought a toy! We went to Barbecues Galore on Friday after work and bought it and danced around because we were so excited. (It's black, like the second picture)

And it has an insert that's a rotisserie. His old house had a rotisserie built into the oven and we mourned its loss when we sold the place. Now, this is even better because you get the whole smoky flavor in addition to the moist and juicy meat. Ryan made us chicken with rosemary and lemon and salt and pepper and olive oil. Delicious. And I made us a pile of Caesar salad. We had some white wine and ate at the table like civilized people. Crazy!

We also found a tiny butter dish that will accomodate the blocks of butter we like to buy at Central Market. You know the kind I mean-- the creamy farm butter from England or Ireland or something...

This is what passes for excitement at our house these days. We did a lot of cleaning and organizing today. I worked on the downstairs bedroom, closet, and the hall closet with what will be our hurricane preparedness kit. Since the new house is not in the 100-year flood plain, unless the National Guard comes to our house and personally tells us to evacuate, we'll shelter in place any time there's a hurricane a comin'. Stay off the road and save the gas for people who really need to get out of harm's way. As for the stash, I even have an Elfa storage drawer thing that I'm going to fill with things including canned goods that we'll forget we have and won't use up unless we need to.

Anyway, we had a lovely time tonight. Life is very good, indeed.

Update 6/18/06: It's locked down to the main water supply pipe outside, so it's not going anywhere. Now I can sleep.

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