Friday, June 30, 2006

Move aside, Stacy & Clinton!

Since today was my first day as a Lady of Leisure, I went to my favorite cheapo but cleano nail salon and had my fingernails done (pedicures must wait until Raisin Toe is healed). I also had my eyebrows waxed since my Mediterranean eyebrows had grown out to the point where it was going to take tweezers and scissors and hours in front of the mirror. This way took about 15 minutes and still involved hot wax, tweezers, and trimming scissors. But someone else did it for me and I got to sit in a really comfy chair while it happened. This was the same older woman who suggested that she could do it a while back when I came in (it's not on their regular board of services-- only available to special people and Yetis like me?). Hers are incredible, so I trusted her. Oh, and she asked if I wanted my "lip" done and I said, yes. Is a mustache really necessary in exchange for my thick, wavy hair? But then the woman who did my hands massaged my arms all the way up to my shoulders. Ah... I still feel a little guilt spending money on something so frivolous, but I remind myself that the last time I did it was right before our wedding over a year ago.

After my Day of Beauty, I met my sisters at the mall to shop for some jeans and other pant-type items. I have a lovely curvy figure with a small waist combined with generous hips, thighs, and booty. It makes finding jeans difficult. My sisters are excellent with all things shopping and fashion so I knew they'd be able to help me. I had called them to my aid, in fact! After being fortified with tall glasses of milk and cookies, we set off for the Lucky Brand Jeans store. I was pleased because I had already been referred to this store by the lovely Ann Marie, Proto-Doctor Extraordinaire. We asked for some help and the salesgirl asked what I was looking for. I told her I wanted something that made my butt look as good as my 501s (with demonstration) but were more up-to-date. She got a pile of sizes and we piled into a dressing room to try them on. She was nice and thought I was a much, much smaller size than I am, so one of my sisters went off in search of less-petite sizes. We found a pair that were fabulous. Pricey, but fabulous. We put them on hold, had them put a longer pair for wearing with heels on hold at another store, and went off in search of more jeans.

Next stop was Saks, since someone had suggested their demin section as being good for selection of different brands. We danced to the latest Black Eyed Peas songs as we searched for interesting looking jeans. At one point, the saleswoman kind of teased us for all shaking our bootys. :) More in an, I'd like to be with you kind of way than really making fun. It's been entirely too long since the three of us did something like this. :) I tried on some Sevens and found (to my relief, I must admit), that those $150 jeans aren't made for my body. Ah well. There have to be some compensations for cheap jeans not fitting you. Don't ask me about crying after trying on jeans at Target and the Gap even!

We struck out at Saks and after fortifying ourselves with hydration from the Starbuck's. I mean, the Starbucks closest to where we were... we went to the Levi's store since this is where S&C often send their people. We found at least one pair that wasn't horrible, but not enough to buy it. If I'm going to buy Levi's, I'll just stick with the 501's.

After that, we stopped into French Connection. My little sister is petite and cute enough to wear their stuff. After making sure I was okay with her trying on something herself, which was sweet, but totally not necessary, she tried on some pants and I tried on a dress. And then tried on the next smaller size, which was still too big. Yeah, cross-trainer and elliptical trainer!! I left without buying it and was glad I tried it on since I hadn't spent all my jeans money on a dress or spent time dreaming about something that made me look emaciated.

After a brief foray into Origins (I usually stay out because I want everything), we made it to Bonanza Republic as Ryan calls it. I tried on 56 different kinds of pants, jeans, and shorts. I found some capris that were cute on my bum, and some that were cute on my legs, but not at the same time. Why is that? The cute-bum ones made my legs look huge and fat rather than firm and athletic and the ones that were good on my legs made my bum look like a sausage... I did find a fabulous pair of jeans and two shirts that I'd tried on months ago and loved, but didn't buy because they were expensive, but now they're on sale. Gotta love that!

After another trip into the Lucky store where one sister bought a shirt, we went to Nordstrom where I bought an adorable pair of ballet slipper flats in black. So cute! And they'll be great for school. One (minor, minor) drawback to the new school is that I won't be able to get away with wearing jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops every single day! I agree with S&C that you can find heels that are comfortable on your feet, but 8-hours on your feet in heels kills your back!

After Nordstrom, the sisters had to take off, so we went through Foley's. The purse I had been coveting for months was half price so I knew it had to come home with me. I also bought a few pairs of earrings since a lot of things were on sale. Must be a phasing-out-Foley's kind of thing.

So, I rolled into our garage, laden down with bags, my wallet lighter, but much happier. Ryan seemed very pleased with the new jeans. :) Then we went to try the pizza place in our new neighborhood and loved it! A light, New-York style whole wheat crust! yum! Although we're still in love with Romano's traditional, floppy, white bread crust. Living in NJ as a kid really spoiled me!

So, I must go to bed to dream of jeans and shoes and bags...


Oliver Dale said...

You had me at Sacy & Clinton....

Also, happy belated birthday :)

Oliver Dale said...

Love that I can type.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, what a glorious day! I have never tried on expensive jeans. Maybe we should try that next week when we're here, while they still button. :)