Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My booksack

One of the more charming things about the New Orleans kids is their bizarre speech patterns. Half the time I have no idea what they're saying. They can repeat what they're saying again and again and I still don't get it.

Recently, I determined that a pretty clear litmus test (we've been stufying acids & bases lately) is what they call the container they carry their stuff in. I can't think of what the local kids call their little mesh or clear backpacks or drawstring bags, but the NO kids always refer to them as their "booksack." Why that never fails to tickle me is unclear to me, but I enjoy it.

I've been working out again lately and growing increasingly irritated by juggling my towel, iPod shuffle with wires and lanyard, keys, healthclub card, water bottle... all in my arms. Do I need to tell you how many times it's all come crashing down onto the floor? Twice. How many times has it sprayed across the floor? Many. So, Ryan suggested that I get a bag. A girly bag, I said. Tonight we went to Academy and I got...

Biarritz pink & blush on the other side

Navy and light blue on the other side

Yes, I got two. One to match my pink Pilates mat and another for when I want to be less girly. I'm a dork and I know it. But the best part is that these are called "sackpacks." I have my own booksack now! And you know I often bring reading material to the gym even though I can't read since it makes me nauseous on the machines...


Grant-Will-Rant said...

"Booksack" sounds like something Laura Ingalls would say: "Pa, Nellie done stole my booksack."

dmd said...

The other thing they always say is "cola drink" instead of Coke or soda. But when they say it, it sounds like "Cold Drink". I can tell the boys by their hair. 80%have dreds. Girls are a little harder to tell apart. They ALL annoy me. NO kids also say Eernge instead of orange, although, being from Philly, I say Ar-inge.
PS - excellent booksacks!