Sunday, June 04, 2006

Settling in...

So... we've been busy! Thursday Ryan worked from home and packed and packed and packed. Summer school classes started for me and I'm totally enjoying it. I teach across the hall from Danielle, which is the coolest thing. Even when we were at Don't Care High together our first year we were across the campus from each other. Ah, the power of email. Anyway, it's good times and I love, love, love being able to say no when the kids ask for pencils. See, at this school they're actually responsible for bringing supplies to class. It's a very novel concept for me. I'm getting very spoiled and it will be hard if I have to go back to my old school in the fall.

Thursday evening we drove to one of the suburbs to pick up two couches we had bought from someone on eBay. She was very nice, but we had to rent a truck and it was the first of the month and the end of the school year so nearly every truck in town was reserved. We found a place that had one and showed up. Apparently, the truck was not back yet. The guy who has been supposed to return it the day before had not yet and she'd called half an hour earlier and his girlfriend was going to try to bring it. Argh. Maybe, you should have called more than a half hour before the next reservation when it's already 24 hours late? It gets better...

We went in search of some sustenance since we were both getting a bit peckish. Good call. When we got back, the truck was ready. Sweet. Not too late for our appointment to pick up the sofas. Not so fast. They filled out all the paperwork and put it in the computer and charged us for some $3 tape and swiped Ryan's card and and went through 86 different screens and she said the card was declined. The girl behind the desk just handed it back to him, like that's it. No. Try it again. Especially since the error message was call for authorization. She was persuaded to try it again, about three more times before someone came out of the back room to help. Neither was very bright, but after calling a few people they finally figured out the authorization code they needed and we were on our merry way. An hour later than we'd planned.

Friday was moving day proper. I got out of school around 3 (I had a bunch of copying to do) and drove to the new house to turn on the a/c since Ryan was at the house with the movers. Yes, we're officially people who hire movers. Our backs are thanking us. Having jobs is so cool!

Anyway, I got stuck in Galleria area traffic and it took me nearly an hour to get there. I turned on the a/c and decided to unpack the few things I had in my car in case Ryan wanted us to use both cars to bring the loose stuff that the movers weren't bringing. I brought a small load of items into the garage and promptly tripped on the lip and fell face-first onto the floor. I hurt the heels of my hands and really hurt my knee. I was sweating in jeans and I couldn't see it and didn't feel like peeling them off to inspect. I decided to go get us some provisions. First I went to Kroger and bought things like milk and OJ and water and frozen juice bars. Lots of liquids. :)

While I was in line checking out, Ryan called to tell me that they were leaving from the old house. I stood like a zombie at the checkout, drinking the small bottle of chocolate milk I bought. The kid behind the counter was eyeing me funny, but I was beyond caring. I also stopped at Subway on the way home and picked up some sandwiches since I knew Ryan would be hungry and I was. Plus, they would save well in the fridge. As I was unloading the car, I heard the moving truck backing up. Apparently traffic really cleared up!

The movers brought in all the heavy stuff, including lots of boxes of books and kitchen things. They also brought up two couches that we'd just dropped off in the garage. I got to sit and chill and finally changed into some cooler clothes. Gross, stinky, dirty workout shorts and a tank top. Ryan was teasing me about how many of the boxes had books in them. Haha. True.

Once the movers were gone, it was back to the house to load up the rest of the loose things. We have a bunch of posters in frames and of course, all of our hanging clothes and all my dresses and such. We also had to clean. We also picked up the dog from the groomer. She was in desperate need of a Day of Beauty and we thought that moving day would be a good time to do it so she wouldn't be underfoot.

We took five trips and finally had almost everything. There was one last load and Ryan suggested that I stay at the new house and set up the bed and locate towels and such. Our top floor is the master suite and it's the only one with carpeting. Very dirty berber carpeting. With stains. The former owners had a teeny puppy that they were still paper training. I kept saying that the dog was going to pee on the carpeting if the otherr dog had, which was pretty much a given seeing the stains and the tiny doggie (we met her once when we were looking at the house). Also, once Ryan found a little poo behind one of the curtains when he was looking at the place.

So, I was turning off my computer in the little office nook at the top of the stairs and Tilly's behind me and I hear psssssss. DAMMIT! I spanked her and yelled and generally frowned at her. Ryan called to tell me he was done and all I could say was that the dog had peed. I was afraid that the carpet was ruined and although we do plan to rip it out eventually, it wasn't in the budget for, say, today. Ryan talked me down. He said it was probably just signposting and a one-shot deal. And the next day he rented a carpet shampooer from Home Depot. And lo and behold, it looks really quite nice now. It's actually a different color than it used to be. Whew! And the dog and I are friends again. I kept having to tell myself that she's A. Dog.

Anyway, we're still unpacking and trying to get settled in. It's glorious. The first night, sleeping on our old lumpy mattress on the floor, with a lingering dog pee-pee smell (dog pee-pee plus Febreze) and so tired we could barely sleep, we felt more at home than we ever did in the old place. And no more crazy slumlords!

Oh, get this: according to the county, the square footage of our house is about 1900 ft2. The land we own is 2000 ft2. Heehee. And a good part of that is the driveway.

We also met a bunch of our new neighbors. They were really nice and offered to have us over. They said they have get-togethers and such from time to time. How cool is that? Our old neighbors were nice enough, but they were all about 187 years old so they were going to bed about the time we got home from work. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little. But only a little.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Leave it to you guys to have at least one of you fall down and hurt yourself in the first five minutes. :)

I'm glad things are going well overall though! Post more pictures!

Kate said...

Too, too, true! And a large part of the reason we hired the movers in the first place was Ryan nearly breaking his toe last week by walking into a packing box. It's a wonder that any company actually insures us.

Once I find the memory sticks I will take loads of pictures and post them! :)

dmd said...

I'm really glad that things went well, aside from the face plant you did in the garage. Nice job, nice knee.