Monday, July 10, 2006

All up in my grill

I am officially old. Danielle and I have discussed this often. She has blogged about dress code issues before and I've dealt with this as well. My favorite was the kid this summer with the blatantly drug related shirt and large shiny marijuana plant earring. I was like, no. NO. Turn around. You may not come in. He's like, why? Is that a trick question? Oh, and for the record, I don't ever want to see that City of Syrup (as in cough syrup--see Big Moe) or Screwston shirt again. EVER. (Incidentally, a while back I read this really long and interesting article on the exploding rap scene in our fair city in... I kid you not... The New Yorker. Ryan teases me that any time I tell him any bit of obscure knowledge I got it fromTNY).

So, I found this article about some suburban Dallas school districts banning grills and gouging. I actually went to high school for a while near these districts. I can't say that I blame them about the grills. I don't know about "gouging." It physically repulses me, but as long as it's not infected and dripping pus, who am I to say anything about it? But then, my high school dress code included things like nothing "shocking or unusual," and I have a suspicion that boys who joined the military were actually able to grow their hair. And forget facial hair! Who cares?

Beyond trying to explain to kids that a permanent grill dooms them to the life of a ghetto rat, they're gross. Think the worst retainer/head gear you can think of an multiply it. And the same kid who will shell out hundreds and even thousands on a grill will be the first one to whine that they're too poor to bring their own pencil to school. ARGH!


Grant-Will-Rant said...

I'm old too. Gouging? Grills? What the heck? I'm clueless.

At my high school boys couldn't have two-toned hair, their hair must be above the collar, and no piercings, tatoos, facial hair, etc.

The worst: No shorts unless it's 90 degrees.

Julie said...

I had the same strict dress code as Grant, but I think we were allowed to wear shorts that "approached the knee". I know what grills are, but please, enlighten me, what is gouging? Is that like carving something on you so that it makes a scar? Eww.
Oh, and Houston supposedly has a really "hot" rap scene. They keep profiling it in Spin and MTV did a whole show on it. Congratulations;)

dmd said...

Yes, Houston is the new hot-spot fot uo and coming rappers. Aren't we lucky? I HATE HATE HATE grills! I have a classroom rule. It either stays in your mouth, or stays out of site. No going back and forth. Being a biology teacher, I also have lots of pics of bacteria and what it can do to a person. Those things are nasty. Not so much gouging in the ghetto though. That seems to be what the "cool" white kids are doing more. I went to a really strict catholic school. We got in trouble if our scrunchy didn't match the uniform. Blue, black, and white were the only acceptable colors. You don't even want to know the doom that fell upon those who dared wear neon orange nailpolish! I remember the big trend that the nuns were concerned about were colored braces. Oh the horror!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm still unclear on the grill thing. I thought for half the post it was something to do with their cars... does it snap on like a retainer? What on earth for?

I don't understand fashion. Or why this strangeness is considered fashionable.

Lawfrog said...

I guess I'm old as well. I didn't understand grills until about halfway through the blog. GEEZE, why would anyone voluntairily have such a thing?

Am I the only one who wore jeans and (respectable) T-shirts to high school? What the heck with all these low-rider sagging off your ass jeans and grills on your face?

I don't get it. Call me old, but I'd rather be old than pierced in places metal objects were never meant to be.