Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Insomnia sucks

A few nights ago I woke up at 4am and went downstairs because there was no more sleeping. The same kind of thing happened last night except that I didn't sleep at all before going downstairs. I was finishing my book and after being kindly asked to turn the light out, I went into the bathroom to finish the last few pages. I have a serious, serious sickness when I'm sitting on the bathmat finishing my book because I'm too lazy to go downstairs and not able to put the dang thing down.

After tossing and turning for a while I decided to just get up and do something downstairs. I ended up lying on the couch, flipping through magazines and "watching" TV. There is nothing more sad than still being up when the infomercial for Yoga Booty Ballet comes on. I was finally starting to feel drowsy at about 5. Just as I was coming upstairs, it started thundering and lightning. The dog hates storms and the new house's bedroom is on the third floor. We can't really hear the rain on the roof, but you can hear it on the walls and the windows.

I'm awake now and trying to figure out what to do today. I have lots of things to do in the house. Also, I just coughed up a smurf that I'd swear was greenish. Am I allowed to visit pregnant ladies if I'm sick? What if I'm taking antibiotics? Can I venture out into the wet without getting stranded somewhere flooded? Am I the worst whiner ever?


dmd said...

Insomnia sucks royally. I usually clean the bathroom like a maniac when I can't sleep. I figure its something I can do that won't wake the neighbors. Its 9:15 pm and I am about to venture out to a bookstore in Langhorne PA because I don't have one to read and I am getting bored. My mom is going to bed and my brother is going out. I just don't feel like going with him. Is this the longest comment ever?

Grant-Will-Rant said...

Insomnia sucks the most when you wake up at 4am and know you HAVE to be up at 6am. There's more pressure to fall asleep, otherwise you're a zombie the rest of the day.

Have you read the book Insomnia by Stephen King? Loved that one! But a constant reminder of the character's insomnia trauma probably isn't such a good idea when you're dealing with it yourself.

DMD: I'm amazed that you have to go to the bookstore when you have nothing to read. I just reach over to the pile that grows by one each week :)