Thursday, July 13, 2006

One of those days

Grrr. I awoke to fabulous news about the world on NPR. Everybody's bombing each other or threatening to do so. Oh, and the president calling the Chancellor of Germany by her first name and mispronouncing it. Can someone slap him, please? That's not appropriate!

After my fabulous start, I spent an hour and 45 minutes at the DPS office getting my name changed. Yes, to my married name. The marriage that took place over a year ago, yes. What's your point?

Anyway, I was a little slow moving this morning and had to fight with the gas pump since it wasn't set up for swipe & pump. And then it stopped before the amount I'd paid for so I had to go back in... I got to the DPS place 30 minutes after it opened and the line was already out the door and into the sunny heat. Argh. By the time I got into the foyer, someone up front was yelling instructions, but no one would shut up so I could barely hear. All I could hear was, "if you do, we'll send you to the back of the line." Argh!

As we were all standing in line, someone would come and ask who was there for the suspension department. She had them raise their hands and then called them to come to the front one by one. I got to listen to bizarre morning TV crap and babies screaming. My favorite was the little one flopped over his mom's arm just barfing up a storm onto the carpet. Lalala. I'm having a bad day since normally this would make me chuckle.

Once I got to the main desk, the woman looked at my documents, gave me a form to fill out and told me to come back. Once I had the form filled out, I stood in line again to get a number. When it's your turn, they call over the loudspeaker in English and then in Spanish. Did I mention that I had a headache? I sat there trying to read. Ryan called me and was surprised that I was still there. He called back some time later and I was still sitting there.

Getting the change, renewing my license, and registering to vote took about two minutes. I walked away with a temporary DL, my old one cut up but still good enough to count as picture ID (I hope). I did read 100 pages of my book.

After that I went and worked out. I was also annoyed about some other stuff, so I had a great time working it out. Now I'm home trying to get packed for my trip to West Texas to stare at the stars! Although it's thundering and dark and it might be a good time to take a brief nap...


Kitty said...

I LOATHE the DPS! And my license just expired, so I have to get that renewed. Ugh.
Someone told me that the one in Katy at the old VFW hall is not very crowded so I'll try there.

But I feel your pain - I've had to do that and it sucked. Glad you made it out alive! ;)

Julie said...

You can renew online if it hasn't been too long since you did it in person, it's awesome! I did mine online and renewed it for 6 years. I haven't been to the DPS in 7 years and I don't have to go for another 3. Whoo-hoo!