Saturday, August 05, 2006

And so, it begins...

I completely agree with Danielle about the two seasons. We started back to school on Thursday. Two days of professional development so we can have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. I know I'll be glad in November, but that's almost four months away. Right now I still want to be sleeping in. The new dosage of my meds does make getting up easier, though. Oh, and I have an appointment with the shrink at the beginning of October. I realize that's two months from now, but if she's good it's worth it and the first few months of school fly by. Or, you're so tired you don't miss the other things in life.

I still don't have a key to my new classroom. The former occupant was displeased with the decision to move her, so she was taking her sweet time getting moved out. I gave her a day before I started getting pissy, but by Friday I was getting really antsy. I needed to know what I had and what I needed and... I got my AP to let me into the room and there were signs on everything saying "Move to Room XXX." EVERY THING. Seriously, everything but the student desks. Teacher desk and chair, tables, bookshelf, two computers, including the brand-new one, even the freaking crappy metal trash can! It was like the freaking GRINCH!

I talked to her later and she's like, I left the desks. Golly gee, thanks so much! Anyway, my AP talked to her and he got me a brand-new computer with flat-screen monitor. On Monday we're going to go to the library to check out projectors and overheads and all that. And maybe a laptop if they have one. And I'll work on getting a desk or table and other stuff like a filing cabinet. One nice teacher did donate a cool double-sided bookshelf. Oh, and I did go and make nice with the former occupant of my room. Commiserated a little. It's not like I asked for her room or anything.

I really need to get on the stick with preparing for this school year. I won't be in a lab and I won't have running water, but I can work around that. Plus, as I found my first year, having desks is preferable and having lab tables is a classroom management NIGHTMARE. The kids can't shut up, they cheat constantly... Well, even more than usual. I saw some kids on campus yesterday and my heart sank. I'm hoping my energy comes back before next Monday. It will. It always does. Plus, I'm such a nerd that I'll get so geeked about talking about the science, I won't mind all the other crap.

On a related note, I watched the first half hour of Scarface the other night. Up until the guy's friend is tied up in the shower with the chain saw... Completely freaked me out.


dmd said...

Doesn't her new classroom have a teachers desk and a trashcan? Normal people usually don't steal those things. I didn't know that she was told to move. I thought she was asked. She's a B&^%$ anyway and I know your new neighbor is extremely glad to have you over there :-)

Grant-Will-Rant said...

I hope the "former occupant" doesn't blame you. That's not much of a welcome to a new school. Oh well, you can always show her your new flat screen computer :)