Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another trying day OR why I will be glad when school finally starts already, dang it!

Just wore me out-- what with the interminable meetings. I hate meetings. And as a teacher I go to so few comparatively that I shouldn't complain. But I will. It was also so freaking hot today and I was wearing jeans so by the end of the day I was just dragging, drenched in sweat with my jeans stuck to my legs. I came home, let the dog out, walked up the stairs to the second floor, passed Ryan on the couch, walked up to the third floor, showered, changed and pulled my contacts out and then came down and greeted Ryan.

Happy things today included a shopping spree at Office Depot. Okay, not so much a spree, but it's always fun to get new things. We also put together a big pile of stuff for the new girl since our department doesn't do anything. I mean, the poor girl has nothing and she's in that spot where we were before you get paid and you don't have the money to buy the stuff you need. Seriously, though, I think the three of us who got the stuff enjoyed it as much if not more than she will when she receives it. :)

We also went to a store called Teacher Heaven. I needed some fun border for my bulletin boards and stuff like that. Yikes. Hives. Lots of little kid stuff. Thank goodness I don't teach little ones. The big ones need enough care and feeding as it is. I can't imagine what the little ones require. Oh, but we got these really cool monkey key chains that were only a quarter!

I can't wait for tomorrow. New student orientation is in the afternoon so we have to sit through the speech from the principal, which will be brief and not too unpleasant. He's not a windbag like you might think. Actually, he's really funny. But the a/c in the building isn't working. And it's getting up to the 100s. And I have to dress professionally. Hmm, what do I have that I can sweat in and not ruin? One of my least favorite aspects of teaching. Look great on a shoestring budget and then crawl around on the floor in the dirt and yuck and get covered in chalk dust or dry-erase dust so you ruin whatever you do have.

In other news, does anyone know why Grimace was at the Astros game tonight? Donald? Were you there or at the soccer game?


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Ha ha. You've seen a glimmer of what the little ones require at my house. Remember that and be glad you're where you are when you're having a bad day. :) It doesn't bother me, but it affects most people.

SO nice of you to help the new girl! I didn't get nothin' when I was the new girl. Not even textbooks. Make it up, baby!!

Mumsley said...

Kate, how fun to read about you at school, well, not the sweat and dust part. I'm so proud of you for being diligent about preparing so you can teach kids and motivate them to do more with their lives. And I agree will, Kelli, how nice of you to help the new kid on the block, so to speak. :) Mama