Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can I start this week over again?

Okay, yesterday wasn't too awful. We had a fire drill and I got mud and grass on my adorable ballet slippers. Grrr. But that was the best part of standing out in the heat and humidity on a soggy football field. In my own inimitable fashion I stepped into at least one fire ant hill. As is their custom, you don't know they're there until they've bitten you. So there I am bending over in my dress, cursing and smacking at my feet and ankles. Cur-sing. I do think I stopped momentarily as I passed the principal. I still have the damn welts on the tops of my feet and ankles. And I'm blocking out the possibility that I flashed my panties to some poor unsuspecting high school student who's still shaking with terror.

Ryan did help all my troubles go away. He made a glorious rotisserie chicken on the grill. There's some left over for dinner tonight so I don't have to cook. Or feel guilty about making Mr. Hill Training do it tonight. :)

Today was just one of those days. Drive to work at 6ish in the morning in a zombie-like state. Dodge dumptrucks and cement mixers throwing small pieces of rock and crap turned into lethal projectiles. How come I'm always driving behind one of those? Or like today, TWO? I got to work and didn't have anything ready for my first class. I pulled it out at the last minute. Although my first class was so stupid and/or asleep to fight with me when I told them to make some calculations the COMPLETE AND TOTAL WRONG WAY.

Today was also Advocacy. I won't go into the long boring story about which kids I have, but the short story is that I had a grand total of 2 AdvoKidsTM. Neither of them is able to speak or understand English. So I'm trying to check their schedules and make sure they have all the classes they need. They're freshmen, so it's not too difficult: math, science, social studies, English and some electives. I let the counselor know that the little boy didn't have a 7th period class, which is not right since the young ones can't go home early. After that I tackled the little girl's schedule, which was chock fulla ESL classes, but no science. Confirmed that it was right.

With just the three of us in the room, you could hear the crickets chirping. The kids were reading their novels and I was busily checking records. I looked up and the little girl had fallen sideways out of her chair. At first I thought perhaps she had fallen asleep. Seriously, it was that quiet. I got up to check on her and she started jerking and smacked her head against the desk next to her. I ran to push the call button and ran back to her. By this time she had pulled herself back into her chair and was saying it was nothing. Um, no. No, it wasn't.

I told the disembodied voice that answered the call button to have the nurse come to us post-haste. I didn't say a kid had had a seizure since I think it's the first one I've seen plus I didn't want to freak her out. I stuck my head out the door to see if the nurse was coming and the sub next door asked what was going on. She told one of her students to run to the office to make sure help was coming. Just as he was leaving, the nurse rounded the corner with a wheelchair. She came in, kicked the little boy into the room next door and started to examine her. We got another little girl to help translate and the nurse asked me lots of questions about what happened.

A few minutes later, up ran the AP and then the principal. And then two security guards. And the Lady with the Alligator Purse. They made sure everything was under control and then left the nurse to it. I was definitely feeling the love. After my experience with the monitor last year, especially. The bell rang and we had my next class sit in the room next door until the nurse basically read the little girl the riot act and made her getting into the wheelchair and another kid to push it. Poor thing was absolutely mortified that it had happened and wanted to become invisible.

I was freaked out the rest of the day. I stumbled around and made it through my wacky department meeting. Basically, everyone said NO to a 2.5 hour mandatory meeting with two days notice. My last class is either much smarter or much more alert than my first class (both chemistry). They pointed out what I was doing wrong and I just laughed it off and told them to keep questioning when they don't understand and disagree. Especially in science.

I went and worked out for an hour and that helped a lot. I tried not to cry since I had been on the edge of tears all day. On my way home I picked up the mail and there was a package from my dad. Driving home, I stopped at a red light and the Heavy Duty quad-cab pickup behind me slammed on his brakes, tires squealing and swerving to avoid hitting me. He stopped inches from me, thankfully. Had he hit me, I would have ended up in the middle of a major intersection at rush hour. Gee, and the city thinks they're going to make money with their red light cameras? Piles.

I got home and kissed Ryan with my stinky self and cried a little and he held me. I played hooky from choir practice. Ryan got home from hill training and we had leftovers. Delicious. Now we're drinking wine and watching the Astros until bedtime. I could do with a really boring day tomorrow!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Scary!! Seizures are so freaky. A couple of my kiddos have had febrile ones over the weekend. So far I've never had to deal with one but I'm sure it's coming.

Poor kid, to not speak the language well and just not want to be looked at. :(

Zolafan said...

so, hold it second, you're saying all this amounted to a VALID excuse for blowing off choir practice? geez... ;)