Sunday, August 13, 2006

First Day Jitters

When we started teaching, we had to do an entire week of unpaid orientation (before the week of paid orientation). It was mostly torturous meetings with idiots who asked stupid questions again and again after they'd already been answered. There are days when you want to know why education is so messed up and I'll tell you how many not smart people are teachers. Anyway... on the last day they gave us one of those crates with a handle and wheels with all kinds of treats. In addition to a few school/office supply items they gave us a book called First Day Jitters. In fact, they read it to us. It was really sweet.

I am also irritated because I only have one professional outfit that fits. While I have been working out and eating better and my brand new fancy expensive jeans don't fit anymore, I'm still too big to sqeeze into everything else. ARGH!! Do I buy new clothes or wait until I can fit into the old ones? And if I don't, who's going to give me a loan so I can buy the interim clothes that won't fit anymore very soon?

Sorry, I'm just whining and feeling sorry for myself. When I let myself, I'm excited about tomorrow.

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