Sunday, August 20, 2006

Week in Review

So I won't give you a blow-by-blow account, but I will share the high points (and because I'm me, the low points)...

Monday: I was at school by 6:30 and almost ready once the kids got there. I was all ready to have my new batch of AdvoKids come to get their schedules, but it turned out that the kids had been double-booked with another teacher so he got to keep them. Since I didn't have anything to do for an hour, I helped out with crowd control for all the kids who didn't have schedules yet for various reasons.

I had predicted that the brand new student info system that the entire district was using for the first time that day would crash. It actually made it to Friday without completely becoming useless, which impressed. It's a pretty nice system, but it's web-based and since the web site has often been down in the past, I was expecting the added traffic to crash it.

The rest of the day went pretty well. Classes were short and we mostly talked about rules and the kids filled out the little info sheet Danielle gave me. I had forgotten my projector at home so I didn't get to show them my nifty presentation. Doh!

Tuesday: Another good day. I kept getting emails from my old school and was thanking my lucky stars that I'd moved. They're in the kind of hell we were in our first year since the district is on them for low test scores. My favorite was the email about the sign-in book in the main office having to be thrown out because there was blood on it, so teachers--be careful with your coffee and don't get the book dirty. Um, it wasn't coffee or dirt. It was blood. WTH was someone bleeding in the front office?!?

In the evening, Ryan went to hill training (more marathon training) in the 3000 degree heat and humidity. After working out for over an hour, I went to our last evening practice for the madrigal dinner we're doing in November. We're raising funds for another trip. This one is planned for Eastern Europe, which should be very cool. I'm a little sad that many of our friends from last time won't be able to go. This isn't a huge shock since we were just about the last to get married, but now we're practically the only ones not procreating. Sigh.

Wednesday: Another good day. The new girl is doing pretty well, although she was starting to look really tired. I wish I knew how to help. All I can think of that the people my first year did was feed me. Lots. I gained about 15 pounds. I realize I could have said no, but...

Thursday: Good overall, not counting the meeting where I was harrassed about every single thing I'm doing and was told I need to get my activities approved by someone other than the people who are actually evaluating me. Um, no. And no, I don't want to use your dumb activity, but thanks for offering. Lalalalala... I'm ignoring you.

I went shopping after school and saw my friend Kevin. He's as fabulous as ever and I really enjoyed seeing him. After I stocked up on stationery, I went to Borders and actually refrained from clearing out the entire store. It took a lot of self-control. On my way home I saw Ryan and his group running. It was darn hot and they all looked beat. I honked, but he didn't look up.

Friday: By this point I was pretty dang tired. Danielle and I combined our small TAKS review classes one period and I got in trouble. Apparently someone was trying to find me and the big sign on my door that said where I was wasn't enough for them to find me. Argh! We were team-teaching and sharing technology. Ah well. I also had some more fun with my department about this test we have to give to all the chemistry students. I improved it and no one wants to even look at my changes. Grrr. Oh, and after school I got yelled at for not going to some other group's meetings and I said the principal said I should be going to another meeting. Jeez, people, leave me alone!

As soon as the final bell rang I was getting ready to leave so I could babysit the lovely Stella. I wasn't making very good time because of construction and Friday afternoon traffic. Oh, and Greta choked and died at one point. I had to pull over, restarted her and had no more problems. At least I was past Brenham this time. I am pretty sure that it was something relating to the cruise control. Or maybe all the hills. Who knows. Maybe that highway is cursed. ;)

I got there finally and Tim and Julie gave me last minute instructions and some money for pizza and they were off. Stella and I played and read a book or twelve. I changed her diaper and put her in her jammies and then she seemed hungry so I warmed up a bottle and she chugged it down. At International Child Bedtime I tried to put her in her bed. After swaddling her and singing to her for about half an hour she seemed to be sleeping. She woke up a few times and I shhhed her and reswaddled her. At about 9, she was finally down and I ate my pizza and watched TV. I checked her a few times and dozed off around 11. I felt kind of badly about that. I had the monitor on and everything, but still.

Saturday: I woke up at 9:30, which was a glorious 4 hours later than usual. Julie made pancakes and we sat around and talked and played with Stella. She took a short nap and then played with us some more. Although I had thought they need me for two nights, it happened that they only needed me for one so I went home to my very happy husband. I called and told him I had some good news and bad news. The bad news was he had to cancel the wild party and the good news was I was coming home early. I thought I was being clever, but he thought I was going to say that my car had broken down. Argh!

Ah well. The trip home was mostly unremarkable. I bought some cheap gas in some teeny town and then stopped later for some Whataburger. Yum. As I was in the outer suburbs, I hit a very bad rain storm. I could barely see in front of me and there was a little water on the access roads, which made me stay on the main road rather than pulling off. At one point traffic was stopping and I saw ahead that there was a bit more water on the road than normal. I pulled onto the shoulder and a Mustang pulled in behind me. I watched to see how deep it was and if it was moving. The Mustang decided to try it and went on the shoulder and made it fine. I figured if they could do it, I could and I was fine. A nervous wreck. By the time I got home, I was feeling a little frazzled and Ryan was getting a little worried that it was taking me so long.

So, that's my exciting week. Oh, except for the fact that this week I sat NEXT TO stinky perfume lady. She got there after us and I wasn't rude enough to move. I was trying to ignore the stink and the obnoxious prayer book flapping and flipping and chucking her eyeglass case under the pews. But when I was unable to sing properly, that really made me upset. I was singing and I made this weird barking noise so I just quit singing. It freaked me out.

Now I'm watching my guilty pleasure, Bridezillas. What a train wreck! Bedtime is in half an hour and then it's another week...

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That makes me a little tired. But it sounds good overall. :)
Yay new school!