Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Attention Spans

I tease Danielle for being ADD because she has such a short attention span. I also tease Ryan for the same reason. I, on the other hand, can focus on something single-mindedly for hours. If I want to. Key point. Sitting through boring workshops is not easy, especially when you get 15 minutes of information in 3 hours. Gee, who's already dreading a three hour lab safety workshop we have to go to tomorrow?

Check out this post. I love you, Defective Yeti!

In other news, my favorite person sent me an email the other day calling a conference with me. Is this person my supervisor or assessor or anything like that? Nope. Just afraid I'll call her out in front of our real superiors, I guess. After the screaming she did last week in our meeting I'm not meeting with her alone, ever. But the best part is that 15 minutes after the first message she sent one saying she had a fever and chills. The thought of meeting with me makes you ill? Mwahahaha! Of course, grades were also due the next day so most likely she had I-have-to-grade-itis. Personally, if I take a day off I am going to sit with my feet up and eat junk food and watch my stories and read trash.

Anyway, yet another example of why our reality show would be a hit!

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