Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I want to be cool!

Apparently, dmd has been holding out on me. I thought she was just inherently cool, but it turns out she has an inside source. Check out the Urban Dictionary. As she pointed out, it's not just the defintions that are great, but the example sentences. Kind of like the OED, but much more fun!

Chemistry: The only natural science that can be broken down into the categories "making drugs" and "blowing stuff up". Unfortunately, chemistry isn't all fun and games, mostly because of chemistry teachers, who are always bitching about things like "significant figures" and "molality versus molarity".

Another def. for chemistry: Originated in Slovenia from a herd of aboriganie bovine. The rarest and deadliest form of leprosy. Comes in six different periods or phases. In its developed stages, body parts involuntarily sever connection at the slightest vibration.
I just found out I have chemistry, 3rd period

One more... (noun) 1. An excruciating form of torture; sometimes self-imposed. 2. Death broken down into many hourly segments, usually occuring in groups of 17 or more. 3. An extreme social disorder usually with physical symptoms.
1. I'd rather do chemistry than go out with you. 2. I can't go out tonight, I've got chemistry.

And finally: A 'relivent' subject 'taught' in high schools designed to ideally make sure you can't get into collage after failing it in your exams due to the teacher you had being an irresponsible, irritating, uncaring, potentially unqualified hater of children.
Chemistry was the reason she lived in the convent.

DAMMIT! They're on to me!! (That's so funny I won't even correct the spelling mistakes)

And, please don't forget to check out my name! YAY!!

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You are SO cool! :)