Friday, September 08, 2006

The longest four-day week

I woke up this morning feeling like hammered dog poo. I had stayed up late last night trying to figure out what was wrong with my nano. Apparently, it was just totally out of juice since I plugged it in and left it overnight and all was well in the morning. Yet another thing that's much better in the light of day. Figuratively, of course, since I arise in a stupor at 5:30 when it is still quite dark. In fact, it's still dark when I pull into the parking lot at 6:30. Today I was totally wanting to push the snooze button a few thousand more times since I don't have to be at school until 7:25 or something, but then I would be all out of it and unprepared and such. As it was, I was still a zombie during first period and still a little slow on the uptake during the first part of second period. Add to that, my biology knowledge is sketchy so as long as they don't ask me too many questions, I'm okay.

You know how I was talking about the delightful children in my 2nd period class? Well, more of the same today. Punctual Patty showed up at her usual 10 minutes late and then proceeded to sit as far back in the room as possible and shout at me about how she doesn't understand what I'm doing and all I do is point. Apparently I'm just a mime up there, pointing and gesturing at nothing silently. The other girls I love were being bitchy and whining and shouting at me about how I'm such a terrible teacher and I don't teach them anything. And if I'd told them to study, they would have done well on the test. Um, it's school, sweetie. You study. AND, this is a TAKS review class so technically I shouldn't be telling them anything new.

There was also the note passing incident where I told the girl to give me the note and she said no, it was her personal property. WTF kind of answer is that? I walked to her desk and she started tearing up the note and laughing and the other kids were laughing at her. They kept asking me which other teachers they can take this class from since I'm so terrible. Have I mentioned that all I do is point?

BTW, I was projecting the test and using the little electronic "chalkboard" to make notes. All I'm doing is pointing? Oh, and the geniuses who couldn't answer any of the questions weren't even looking at their papers. Hello, the answers aren't on the walls.

Oh, and my all-time favorite was the girl in the back shouting that no one ever taught her something we were talking about. Because I was pissed I didn't ignore her like I normally would and asked her who her biology teacher had been. She's like, why? I asked her again and she siad it didn't matter. The third time I asked, she answered and I just snorted since she mentioned one of the best teachers we have. Trust me, he taught that. Even one of the snottier girls was like, um, he taught us that. Hahahaha! I'm a small enough person that it makes me happy when the kids shame themselves after being hateful.

After that class was finally gone I talked with the next door teacher and she said that one of the APs had gotten a complaint about me (from tardy complaining no one taught me that girl) and asked what I was like. Her response was that I'm a good teacher, but strict, so maybe that was their major concern. Woohoo! I'm the strict teacher now. Not the "this could be a good teacher... students like her but disrespect her..." person. (FYI, that was the TEA evaluation of my performance as a first-year teacher with classes full of especially high risk ninth graders. Like the first-time ninth grader who was 19 because he'd been in JAIL. Not that I'm bitter or anything. But I am pleased that I am perceived as mean and strict and hard.

The next period the AP stopped by for a few minutes and sat in my ghetto metal folding chair (aka desk chair) and watched the kids and they were paying attention and answering questions and I was using the chalkboard and making notes and explaining. Haha! Anyway, it was a positive interaction and I felt good about it. And apparently one of the girls was bitching to Danielle later about how all I do is point and Danielle basically told her she's nuts. Speaking of, she said if any of my kids manage to switch to her class, she will send them back to me so fast their little heads will spin.

I only have one class after lunch and I had gotten permission to take my class to the pep rally, so that was the end of my day. Wow, it was the most amazing experience. After my last two schools where such an event would be an unmitigated disaster, this was the most organized event I've ever seen. It was a freaking pep rally and it was calm. The kids did the yelling and such, but they stayed where they were supposed to and didn't act like animals. Amazing. What a fabulous change.

After work we went out for Happy Hour and then Ryan met us and he and I went to D'Amico's for some pasta. Yummy. Now we're about to get into bed since Ryan has to run 10 miles tomorrow and I promised my doctor that I would exercise another day a week since I've been mostly doing it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm planning to swim. Unfortunately, there's no mp3 player that's waterproof and the discotheque in my head is closed on Saturday mornings. Ah well, hopefully I'll make it without giving up because I'm bored. I do have a new serious swimuit I bought on "clarence" at Target yesterday.

Okay, it's 9. Bedtime!


dmd said...

HA! My first TEA comment said (and I swear I am not making this up) "Students are generally working well on the assignment, but teacher is off-task." I know you're finding that SO hard to believe, right? I distracted? off-task? Pshaaa!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Can I just say how proud I am of you? In four years I never could get past them liking me and disrespecting me. They beat me down and whipped me and I hated them all by the end. You rock. Good for you!! :)