Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Please Do Not Poke the Teacher

Another one of those days. I woke up feeling incredibly hungover even though I had no alcohol the night before. I had been kind of wired and had trouble falling asleep and then didn't sleep very soundly. Argh. My first period chemistry class went fairly well, but my TAKS classes just pissed me off. I was using the SMARTBoard stuff to talk about different body systems, including this fun little game where you have to put the guy's heart and lungs back in his body in the right way to resucitate him and if you're wrong he gets all upset. Reminds me of this game we had in 1990 where you could do appendectomies. Tim should remember the name.

Anyway, this little punk who waltzed into class ten minutes late and then sat almost as far back in the classroom as possible (I make them sit in the front until they fill up the first section) starts randomly shouting, I don't know what you're doing--you're just pointing at things, etc. I just turned to her and said, perhaps you should come on time so you can sit closer to the front and get the explanations. I am getting so bitchy about kids who are tardy. Don't come in late and then expect a special one-on-one tutoring session because you missed something.

Anyway, the other kids just wouldn't shut up and the same girl kept shouting so I gave them book work. And they were silent. Except for the kids who wouldn't even open their books. My favorite was the girl who didn't have a thing on her paper and had just opened her book 30 minutes into the 55 minute class. And then yelled at me for hovering. I'm doing my work. Um, no, you're not. So she said, I mean, I'm going to do it. Okay, super genius, do it in the half the time as everyone else.

Oh, and today was also bitch about the room temperature day. It was one of those glorious days where it's starting to cool off and with the breeze out on my porch I can feel a little chilly. I had the back a/c unit on and the front one off since it was still cool in there and two boys kept bugging me to turn it on. I was chilled and said no. And they wouldn't let it rest. Every two minutes like a two-yr-old. Shut up, shut up, shut up. And then later in the afternoon when it was warmer, two girls kept bitching about how it was freezing and I needed to turn the a/c off. By this point I was sweating and said no. And they woulnd't shut up. Also, they kept talking to each other very loudly when I was talking. And they're the kind who then whine that they don't understand.

The icing on the cake was when I was going over some things for their quiz tomorrow. And remember, this is a chemistry class. I gave them two numbers to add and asked them how to show the answer with the right number of significant figures. The half who weren't falling asleep or staring into space slack-jawed, stared at me slack-jawed. I told them it was in their notes. No response whatsoever. Um, look in your notebook. No response. I finally got one boy to look it up and walked him through working through the answer. I guess I imagined that anything happened in class last week. Oh, and then stupid freezing talking girl just bursts out as I'm saying something else, are we supposed to be writing this down. I just glared at her. I resisted the urge to swear or throw her out or just cry.

Oh, and when the bell rang, she and her friend walked outside and met another friend and proceeded to shout on my porch. I actually went out and told them to. go. home. ARGH! I had a lot of frustrations to work out when I went to the club. By the time I got home and showered I was feeling much better. I waited until Ryan got back from his run and got cleaned up and we went to a fancy schmancy cocktail reception for Mercury Baroque. Too much fun! We both had a glass of wine each since it's a school night and after working out isn't the best time to drink. Especially if you have to drive.

Right now I am downloading our wedding video into iMovie. Directly from the camera. I lurve my new computer. I should go to bed soon. I need to leave my book downstairs. But it's so good.

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Life or Death. Oddly enough you can download it all over the Internet. Of course getting it to work would probably be more difficult: