Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend, glorious weekend

I made it through the rest of my week. I gave my chemistry classes their first major test on Thursday and spent that evening grading and swearing. About five kids legitimately passed and the rest of them failed miserably. I was starting to think that I'm a terrible teacher, but is it my fault when half of them don't even try? Seriously, they didn't even try to answer the questions. They didn't read the questions. Argh! And isn't chemistry supposed to kick your butt? I put in progress report grades and on Tuesday there shall be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am a real bitch when it comes to grading tests and progress report grades, because it tends to light a fire under some kids' butts, but when it comes time for final grades, I am much more forgiving.

I stopped at El Mercado Central as Ryan calls it on my way home from work. I got all sorts of deliciousness and made us a very simple dinner of chicken, fresh ciabbata, and Caesar salad. We were in bed before 10 and I slept until 11 the next morning, which was completely decadent. Especially so since Ryan got up and ran 9 miles in the 300 degree heat, showered and got back in bed all before I woke up. Although I don't feel guilty about it, I am planning to get up early next week and go work out for an hour before meeting Ryan and his running buddies for breakfast.

We laid around like lizards for the rest of the day. Ryan had fallen down and twisted his bad ankle, so he had it propped up. He was scheduled to cant at 5:30 Mass and he put on his fabulous new creamy beige linen suit. I was in jeans and a little blouse and then I thought, dang, I should wear a pretty dress. So I put on my adorable aqua sundress with the emboidery and sparkles. I was like, where are you taking me to dinner and Ryan laughed. But he agreed that it might be a fun idea.

Ryan sang beautifully. He's getting much more comfortable doing it and it's fun to sit and just be a part of the assembly. While gazing upon my lovely and talented husband. :) He did get cornered by a crotchety 3,000 year old man who kept telling him that he was singing the wrong psalm and how he wasn't being critical, but... Argh. Thanks for sharing. Also, Ryan is not one of these people still living in a pre-Vatican II world, but he does know a lot about liturgy and the seasons and readings and why things are done the way they are. I know that his hometown diocese still mourns his vocation to marriage (to me!!) rather than to the priesthood. So to say that he wouldn't ever do anything that was incorrect, is putting it mildly.

We ran into a bunch of our choir friends and they all kept asking us if we were going out later. Or singing a wedding. Haha! I sang one once and it was a pretty cool experience. I also got paid for it, which was also pretty cool. I was afraid of screwing something up and angering the bride . It was a last minute change ordered by the organist since he was afraid the 14-year old she had asked to sing couldn't handle the entire Mass. She still got to sing the Ave Maria and stuff, so I felt like she got to do her thing. I didn't really feel badly about the bride having to shell out the extra bucks when I saw the seven bridesmaids and ridicously huge altar flowers and pew flowers and... Anyway, I'm not one of the regulars and that's okay with me.

I suggested going out for sushi and for once in his life Ryan was not in the mood. He suggested Ouisie's Table, where he's been promising to take me since we first got together. It's definitely in the fancy, pricey, and special occasion list, so I was kind of surprised. I drove there and as we were pulling into the parking lot Ryan said, what about Churrascos? Since I am always a fan of Meat That BleedsTM, I turned the car around and set back across town to the restaurant which happens to be across the street from church. Normally we would have just walked. I had never been there either and wow. YUM! Also expensive and fancy, but sometimes you just have to go out on a date with your husband, right? And since we bought the new house we've been eating a lot more healthy homemade dinners. And then because we hadn't been decadent enough, we came home and made pina coladas.

We slept in late this morning and made breakfast. Eggs and latte and juice and the rest of the ciabatta sliced super thin and toasted with goat cheese with dill or Nutella on it. Oh, I love my life! Now we're watching the History Channel and I'm blogging and reading a new book. Our kitchen is clean, the dog is taken care of and all is well. All the bills are paid and taken care of. We finally decided that it will be my responsibility to take care of that and I love it! I have files with pretty labels I made with the label maker. I do everything I can online before the bills are due and send in the few that need checks. Of course, it's a lot easier these days when we have enough money to cover everything! I feel like I'm taking care of us. And it helps me to accept all of the care and maintenance Ryan does for us in terms of the house and cars and all of the other things he does for us. Oh, and bringing home the money for me to pay the bills with. I love that he supports my work as just as valuable as his, even though I make half what he does. And knowing that he would be happy if I made twice as much as well pleases me. I still need to sell my novel so he can quit his job or work part time or something and go back to school so he can get out of the idiotic oil industry. Did you know that in this country, they still use the Imperial system? No metrics! Need I say more?

Okay, my book is calling me! I hope you're enjoying your holiday!


dmd said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I did much of the same nothingness except I read my book while in the pool :) That means my apartment is still a mess though. Good thing we have tomorrow!

Kate said...

Sounds fabulous! Who cares about cleaning? Okay, I sometimes do. As you said, that's what tomorrow is for. If you want to. :)