Monday, October 30, 2006

Okay, I get it!

I went to Starbucks again this morning and got my super-complicated weenie drink. The kids behind the counter were nice to me and even said it didn't seem like too long since I'd been in the 11th grade. Awww.

I had been naughty and ordered a piece of zucchini walnut loaf (aka CAKE). I got outside and watched as I took the bag it was in and tipped it down, as if in slow-motion, and it dropped flat onto the sidewalk. Hmmmf. I went inside and threw it away. I restrained myself from going back and getting another piece of cake, I a mean vegetable-nut bread. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. A little Weight Watchers fairy came and knocked it out of my hands.

I did have a thought that I could have just taken two dollar bills and torn them up. Heck, it would have been more satisfying.

1 comment:

Rooney said...

Had you at least eaten the two dollars you would get some fiber.