Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Poor Danielle gets these emails all day

One my favorites from the past few weeks:

To: Biology Goddess
From: Chemistry Freak
Subject: Forget Libraries
Message: Or even the internet. Desktops are where it’s at for gaining knowledge. Stumped by the TAKS—your desk will help you! Listen closely and it's whispering the answers. Closing your eyes increases the effect.

Her response was maybe I needed my meds tweaked a little. This was one in a series of snide comments in the space of a few hours. My kids were testing and I was bored out of my gourd. And yes, needing my meds tweaked a little.

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dmd said...

And by the looks of this post that was made during 6th period, you were lonely in the ski lodge. At least your school emails give me something entertaining in my inbox :)