Monday, October 23, 2006

Some random thoughts

After taking Monday off last week, I took a planned personal day on Tuesday. I finally had my shrink appointment. I was a bundle of nerves and in a horrible mood, expecting them to be horrible to me. Oh, and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. She was super-nice and asked me lots of questions and listened well. She wants me to come back in a month to see how things are going. In the meantime she said I can quit taking the anxiety meds that were making me feel like there was a hole in my stomach that I couldn't ever fill while killing other appetites. Delightful. Anyway, the new thing is supposed to not have those side effects, which pleases me. I'm now in that phase where my head feels foggy and I'm dizzy and even more clumsy than normal. Nothing too horrible, though. I can't yet tell if it's helping, but it's still to early to tell although I haven't killed anyone yet.

After that I went on an interview for a chem position for next year at a private school. Very interesting and I really liked the people I met with. And they seemed to really like me. I still definitely have mixed feelings since there are pros and cons to staying or going. As it is, right now I love my principal and I can go harass Danielle multiple times a day. One of the hardest parts of last year was not having anyone to write rude notes to during boring meetings. Oh, and boring meetings are very limited at this school. And while you can't ever get ahold of the kids' parents, that also means they're not all up in your grill all the time.

"Dad" called an emergency faculty meeting last week to briefly discuss our fabulous new, expensive and completely useless new student info system. And it was also kind of a pep rally. Don't let it get you down-- just focus on doing your job and being there for the kids. Awesome! That said, I nearly cried when I got the notification about the meeting. Thanks to NCLB, my school is in the last stage before the state comes in and starts fussing at you and then "reconstitutes" the school. That is to say that they make everyone reapply for their jobs and "clean house." Super idea except that a) teachers are not the only thing making a school "fail", and b) our previous experience at Don't Care High was that lots of the most incompetent teachers were re-hired and some of the best were let go. And by incompetent I am talking about people who never taught their students anything. The kind who you'd walk by their room and the teacher was sitting in a chair in the hallway and the kids were inside without a thing on their desks, drooling. Every. Day. Anyway, I am really hoping we can make AYP this year so we can not have to worry about this.

Thursday was the lovely Ryan's birthday. On my way home from school I stopped and got some things at Target and got some flowers from Central Market. Being my normal self, I lost track of time at Target and didn't get home until right before the meeting we were supposed to go to. Our homeowner's assn meeting was down the street and we went and met lots of nice people. The woman who hosted has a house almost exactly like ours except she has a fireplace where our TV is and has all white walls. She does have cool red and black accents. And a huge, fluffy white area rug. She gave me a cup of red wine and I managed to put it in front of Ryan's knee when he was moving it. Did I already mention the white carpet? Luckily, it just sprayed on her glass and chrome side table. You can't take us anywhere. Anyway, our neighbors are pretty nice folks.

After the meeting we went to Khyber since Ryan loves Indian food. My previous experience was with southern Indian food and this was more northern. I got some lamb kabob with rice and yogurt sauce and a really cool tomato and cucumber salad. I even got to eat Ryan's salad since he does not love the cucumber. Haha--works for me. Anyway, Jack Sprat and I decided to get some wine and since we were sharing he asked for a carafe. The waiter said, a full one? Yeah. Holy crap. It was FULL. More than an entire bottle. Let's just say we didn't drive home right away. We did walk across the street to the Audi dealership to "visit" Ryan's dream car. And then we went to Amy's Ice Cream...

That night, our friends Rob and Anne Marie had their baby. She was born at midnight, one minute late to share Ryan's birthday. Rob texted us after we'd mostly fallen asleep. Ryan woke up with heartburn around 2 and let me know that they had finally revealed her name. Kaitlyn Elizabeth. Love it! We can't wait to meet her, although we need to quit being disgusting snifflers.

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TTQ said...

You go into your shrinks office and think they are going to be horrible? I must be really in bad shape, they almost whisper to me, like don't upset the crazy lady. She might have a breakdown?