Monday, October 30, 2006

Speaking of who's raising them...

I have a delightful student who comes to class late on a regular basis. And by late, I'm talking 15-25 minutes late to a 55 minute class. And then she gets picked up from school early. Recently, she spent a grand total of 25 minutes in class--came late and left early. Do I need to tell you that she's failing? And with 14 absences this semester so far, even if she manages to pass, she won't get credit for the class (they can only have three unexcused absences).

She got suspended for the day she refused to do any work or pay attention or sit with the rest of the class. And then refused to even look up when I addressed her directly. She makes me insane. So, today we were playing a pretty fun game where the kids were working in pairs and coming to me check their answers and get new problems. The girl asks me if she can go to the bathroom and I just didn't feel like fighting so I said yes even though I knew that she just wanted to take a stroll.

She comes back about five minutes later and someone is out on the porch when she comes in and is talking to her. I yell, "excuse me, but get. out. of. my classroom!" Yes, I was yelling, but hello, I'm TEACHING! I figured it was one of her idiot friends. The person says, "I'm her aunt and I just checked her out. And you're excused. Don't yell at me." The girl gives me this triumphant look and all I could think is, ah, I see where you get it.

Because I was pissed, I went over and asked why she was going home early, because her attendance issues are seriously affecting her grade. Auntie says, that's her mom, not me. And leaving early three times isn't going to affect her grade. I said I'd call her mom and we'd discuss it, no big deal. And then I said, why don't you have a visitor's pass? Then she goes nuts and is like, I just checked her out, I don't need a pass. Yes, yes, you do. Thankfully she got tired of fighting with me and left.

Seriously, you can't just roam around campus freely. My AP said to push the panic button and call security if something like that happens again. I mean, we're having to have freaking lockdown drills and some idiot thinks she can just roam the grounds? And don't get me started on how the girl went to the bathroom and came back having been checked out. How did you get to the office without permission and how did you know to go there (cell phone)?

I need to let it go. If only for the sake of my blood pressure.


Tim said...

You should think about using the technique my (academic) chemistry teacher used to break us into being well behaved. Before each lecture he'd show us a cartoon from the paper (sometimes even science themed), then he'd go on to explain it to us. Even the simplest cartoon would take at least 2 minutes to explain. We'd be in pain. Then he'd use more cartoons as a "carrot" to try to get us to pay attention to his lectures. Which worked. We really wanted to listen to his lectures rather than listen to him explaining a family circus cartoon.

Carrie said...

you've got to remember what you like about teaching or you'll end up strangling someone and be on the news!