Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Come with me to the north country...

We're up in Michigan visiting family. We includes all of my siblings, spouses and niece. Par-tay! Actually, it's been fun. We were going to take the same flight yesterday morning but Ryan and I had molasses in our veins and arrived at the terminal about 20 minutes before the flight. Yeah. I've traveled on four continents, so you think I would have been more with it, but no. We went to check our bags at the new kiosk thingy and it flashed on the screen "Your flight has been closed. You must check in at the gate" and spit us back to the beginning screen. Arrrgh!

Taking everything in stride, as is my nature, I asked both employees behind the counter for help. Both ignored me. One was working with another family and the other apparently wasn't in charge of our machine so he was ignoring us. I started banging on the counter. With my knuckle. I've had various service industry jobs and I preach the you-get-more-flies-with-honey gospel, and there I am, throwing a temper tantrum. The guy says, "Ma'am, I will get to you once I've finished with these people." Those people were having all kinds of issues. I decided that whatever we needed to do, maybe standing in the mass of people waiting at the regular counter was a good idea. And not being in that dude's face. Ryan stood there waiting.

By the time I got near the front of the line, Ryan was there waiting with our luggage. I had texted my sister that we had missed the flight and were going to try for the next one. I had tried calling them, but I had a good signal, but it kept dropping the call. But a text message went through. Go figure. Anyway, we got to the counter and explained that we were morons who didn't get to the airport early enough and could they get us on the next flight. She booked us on the flight at 1:30 (it was 7:30 at that point). Ryan asked and she suggested that we ask Northwest if they had a flight. Since we were flying to Detroit and that's NW's hub, I was figuring we'd have good luck.

We decided to bypass the ridiculous security lines and caught the train to the next terminal. There was 1 (ONE) person in line ahead of us versus the 300 at the Continental desk we'd just left. We got to the front and the woman helping us acted like we were insane and did Continental book us on their flight. Um, no, genius--you have to do it. And they have an agreement so they just took our tickets plus a small change fee. By that point, I was the calm one and Ryan was muttering about how they did not even have enough people to be so rude. But he has much more self control than I do and we got away with tickets for the 9 o'clock flight.

The flight went without much of interest. Some noticeable, but not too horrible turbulence. Flight attendants going through with snacks for sale. They did give us free sodas. I kept looking at Ryan and saying, "Cold beer! Peanuts!" Apparently, the grandma in front of us smelled strongly of Bloody Mary. She was traveling with a four-year-old who was really well behaved, sso my guess is she really was afraid of flying to already smell that strongly before 9 in the morning.

We found the shuttle to the rental car place and made their lives miserable by changing our minds 300 times. They had reserved a Taurus for us and we were like, do you have anything else? ANYthing else? She starts listing all the other niver, bigger cars, stopping at a Hummer H2. Okay, seriously we just don't want the Totally Gave Up Car. We ended up renting a Ford Contour. The woman kept shaking her head and asking if we were sure. Yes, yes we are.

We drove a few miles and then weak with hunger, we pulled into a Big Boy. Ryan hadn't been to one before, so we got some hot food and then got back on the road. It took us about 3 hours to drive to Kalamazoo, including turning around and going back since we missed our exit. You will know how sad this is when you look at a map and see that we got on the highway and kept driving on the same exact highway the entire time. We made it to my aunt and uncle's house without incident and without the driver falling into a coma and crashing the rental car and killing us. Seriously, at that point, I was just concerned about the car. Priorities, people!

Aunt Nancy entertained us and then Uncle Bill came home and fed us some delicious spaghetti and meatballs with raisins in them. I totally wouldn't have thought of putting them in, but they were good. We ended up drifting off to bed after that. I was seriously not sleepy and then I started obsessing. Hardcore obsessing. Lying in the dark in the basement with Ryan trying to convince me to just sleep. At about 2 I gave up and finished my book before finally going to bed and going to sleep. End of Day 1.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! I am picturing you banging on the counter and yelling in a pitch that only dogs can hear :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

At least you'd previously learned the important airport lesson of bringing your drivers license with you. See, more things to learn every day. :)