Thursday, November 23, 2006

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Day four, East Lansing:

Ryan and I woke up early, ate breakfast and then drove over to campus. I made him walk all over creation, showing him all my favorite spots. I only spent three semesters there and somehow still managed to get a degree. Add to that the fact that I spent most of that time depressed out of my mind and hiding under the covers, except for when I was eating Hungry Howie's pizza or Jimmy John's sandwiches.

It was actually kind of nice to be reminded of the good times that I did have there, and there were a few. And all things considered, I realized that I should be glad the campus was so large that I had to walk everywhere and probably all that exercise kept me from killing myself. Nature's brain candy. Here are some pictures we took:

The river from one of the footbridges

Is it a cherry tree or a crabapple tree?

There's your answer. There weren't plaques on the trees at your school?
New and Improved Sparty. I guess the ceramic original was getting a little too beat up. This latest incarnation is dipped in bronze. Probably easier to clean when Wolverines pour blue paint on him.

Munn Ice Arena. Did your school have a hockey team?

A cardinal sitting in a tree by Wells Hall.

Football stadium

View from the footbridge by the Administration building

Looking downstream. We used to feed the ducks there when we were little.

Ryan was pretty impressed, both with the sheer size of the campus (not even counting all the fields and barns and such) and with how beautiful it is. We were there at one of the ugliest times of year and it was still amazing.

Beaumont Tower--they fixed the bells the summer after I graduated. I used to hear them when I was on my way to work at the ice cream shop. Ryan pointed out the similarities in this image and the OU Sooner.

After our tour, we went for Thanksgiving dinner. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40 people. Ryan finally got to meet my paternal grandmother. And lots of my aunts and uncles and cousins. I was in heaven. Being an introvert, it takes a lot out of me, but I love everyone so much and they all love me. We got to meet my cousin's little baby girl and all the spouses who have joined the family in the last year or two. Ryan actually seemed to enjoy himself, although he did duck out for a bit there just for some air. We went home fairly late and stopped at Meijer for some libations, but mostly so that he could experience Meijer. Someone suggested that it's kind of like Wal-Mart, except that it's been around forever and it's clean and well-lit. After that, we went back to the hotel and fell into bed, happy.

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