Friday, November 24, 2006

..hike Hiawatha...

Day Five: All good things must come to an end

After a small breakfast of weird egg product, we went downtown to buy some MSU duds since the t-shirt dad bought me for graudation is pretty ratty. Plus, "Been there. Done that" is pretty dated, although that's part of why he got me that shirt since he knew it would be a memory of that time and place. Ten years ago. Eek.

As has been the case since I first walked in all those years ago, I still love SBS. I got a t-shirt, a polo shirt to wear to school and the world's most adorable zip-front hoodie. I want to hug myself, I look so cute in it. More a comment on the hoodie, people. :)

We picked up the rest of the Texas Seven and Stella and made another trip to Grand River Ave.
Our cousin with Stella:

After that, we left town and took a somewhat scenic route to the airport. I blame the NeverLost in the lead vehicle. And by "scenic" I mean, a few miles down Telegraph Road. Oh yeah. Didn't see Eminem.

Once we got into the airport, things went pretty well. Someone's luggage was searched in front of us because of a paring knife. Scares me that this person was on a return flight and the original city didn't catch it. Ah well. Then, we had to wait...

We did go to the world's worst Chili's. Seriously, when you make a burger just kind of badly, it's sad. But mostly I wanted some fries and Coca-Cola. Actually, most of us were craving greasy things. You'd think we were all hungover or something.

The flight home went all right. The person sitting next to me was too big for the seat and her armrest wouldn't go down. I wanted to watch the in-flight movie, but there was something wrong with the jack so I kept poking at the armrest, which meant that I was poking at her. Coming down the pressure in my head and ears became unbearable. I was afraid my eardrums were going to pop. I was chewing gum like a madwoman, but it did no good.

Once we got home I was just glad to be there and fell into our Sleep Number bed and slept almost 12 hours.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

How did I miss that you got a Sleep Number bed? Clay was all, yeah, you didn't know that? She talked about that last time she visited... I'm dumb. :) Do you love it?