Monday, November 06, 2006

I hate people

The last time I was at the pharmacy I took my blood pressure using the evil, cut off your arm machine. It usually makes my heart rate spike since I'm petrified that it won't quit squeezing. But I can't blame it for the numbers that showed up. My normally so low it's almost too low blood pressure was on the borderline of being borderline high. I realize that probably sounds ridiculous to people who really have problems with their blood pressure, but to me, it's just a huge flashing (probably with a short) neon sign that something is wrong in my life. Or more likely I'm not dealing with things well.

I saw this bumper sticker on someone's car:

Can Kill
Chill Out

Can I get that made into a poster? And paste it above my desk? And in my car? And maybe on the insides of my glasses?

At least once every few days, Danielle asks how my new meds are working out. In a kind way. Mostly. :) And the thing is, I do think I'm doing a lot better. And I haven't killed anyone or knocked any heads together over any high crimes such as Gum Chewing or Paper Crumpling or some other unforgiveable transgression. Although I was tempted to swear at the SENIOR who stole sticky tack off my desk and threw it at me. A senior. But I digress.

I have cut back on a few of the more blood-pressure raising activities. For example, I have officially quit posting on the local newlywed message board. Some of the girls are nice, but most of them are just DUMB. I'm not talking about people who I disagree with--I'm talking about people whose grasp of logic makes my students' look advanced. So, I decided that the little good I was getting out of it was not worth getting so hot under the collar. And there are certain blogs I don't frequent as much either because of the content or most likely, the extreme idiots who comment. Luckily, the people who comment on my blog are not idiots, although they may be ill as evidenced by the fact that they're spending time with me. :)

Anyway, unfortunately, I can't quit commuting to work. I'd like to see Ryan's response if I floated the idea of taking the bus.* Besides getting up even earlier than 5:30, how many hours would it take to get to the ghetto? Public transportation is ridiculous in this city. My guess is 2+ hours and 3 busses. So, what else? Still fighting the caffeine monkey. And we have two madrigal performances this weekend.

So, mostly, it's not a question of why I'm not better but why I'm not worse. Ah well.

*Ryan is a proponent of mass transit, just not his wife sitting alone in the dark at the transit center for hours and changing busses three times. For once in my life, this is not hyperbole.


Ann Marie said...

My theory on drug store blood pressure machines is that they make your BP look to high so you'll go to the doctor, get a prescription for some BP lowering drug, and then get it filled at that drug store. My BP is always high at the drug store too when I've been turned away from giving blood because it's too low.

Ryan said...

I can't immagine you having high blood pressure. And do you mean to tell us that they don't put the most accurate and precise medical equipment for free use at Wallgreens?

I think the sticker said:
Stress kills,
Learn to chill.

Ryan said...

...isn't the meter and rhyme a little better that way?

Anonymous said...

I completely understand everything you've written here. I'm surprised my blood pressure isn't through the roof at this point. I give thanks daily for the myriad (legal) drugs available to help us get through this life...better living through chemistry.