Monday, November 13, 2006

I love my test-prep classes

Actual interaction from last week when we did the gum lab.

Me: You need to work
Student: I don’t know how to do any of this! (Translation: you moved me, so now my friend can’t tell me all the answers)
Me: Which problem are you doing? (Look at problem)

“Did you maintain a constant rate. Explain.”

Did. You. Maintain. A. Constant. Rate? Same speed? Yes? No? Refuse to answer?

Why, oh, why have you not yet passed the test? The test that you've taken at least three times? Because you refuse to work? Yes, this would be the class where the students threw their papers onto the floor when I passed them out. And yes, this is one of the kids who didn't just shout at me, "I'm not doing this!" when I told them to answer the questions about the gum lab. Hello, genius, you're a 19-year old senior. Perhaps you should do some work since you're not hurting ME. Well, you'll be back next semester, but then you have to be with me to punish me by being in my room again. So you still lose.

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