Saturday, November 25, 2006

Trained monkeys could do a better job, or I am the most hateful person on the planet

We're home! So, yeah, burglars who didn't take the opportunity to rob us while we were out of state missed their chance. Not that we have anything to steal. Especially since I took my Mac with us and Zolafan and Tilly the Attack Dog were guarding the house.

We decided to start our painting project in the bedroom. Two-toned blue. May be cool--may be a disaster. We'll see. In the meantime, we're prepping the room. Ryan is taping off all the trim and stuff and patching holes and cracks. I removed the shelves that were attached to the wall. The first two involved flat head screws, which I thought was bad enough. But the screws turned out to be three inches long. And there were multiple holes behind the shelves. Large holes.

I got to the second two and the screws on those ones were mercifully philips heads. Haha. Those screws were four inches long. I'm not making that up. How did they not poke through the other side of the wall? Seriously, it's sad when someone is less mechanically inclined than I am. And yes, I took pictures so that you'll know that this is not my normal hyperbole. Seriously...

Please overlook the dust and ubiquitous dog hair.

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